Moriah Wilson Cyclist: A Journey of Triumph and Tragedy

Moriah Wilson Cyclist, a multifaceted sports personality, captured the hearts of many with her prowess in soccer, skiing, and cycling. However, her promising journey was tragically cut short on May 11, 2022, leaving the world in shock.

Explore the inspiring life and untimely demise of Moriah Wilson as we delve into her brief biography, early life, career, family, and the heart-wrenching events that led to her unfortunate end.

Moriah Wilson Cyclist Biography

Born on May 18, 1996, in Austin, Texas, Moriah Wilson was a true sports enthusiast from a young age. Her love for cycling ignited when she received her first bicycle in the 7th standard.

A dedicated student-athlete, Moriah played soccer during her school and college days, even captaining her high school soccer team.

Graduating in Engineering from Dartmouth College, Moriah embarked on a journey that encompassed not just soccer but also skiing and cycling.

Early Life and Education Background

Moriah’s childhood was marked by a passion for sports, evident from her early involvement in cycling and soccer.

She attended Burke Mountain Academy, where her athletic abilities shone, and later pursued her academic journey at Dartmouth College, earning her degree in Engineering. Her dedication and skill set the stage for a remarkable career in sports.

Full Career

Moriah Wilson’s career trajectory unfolded across multiple sports. Starting as a soccer player, she transitioned to skiing, achieving a notable 3rd position in the 2013 US Junior National Championship Downhill event.

Embracing the challenge of professional gravel cycling, Moriah resigned from her high position at a bike company to pursue her dreams full-time. Tragically, her promising career came to an abrupt end on May 11, 2022, just before she was set to win the Gravel Locos Race in Hico.

Parents and Siblings

Moriah Wilson hailed from a family deeply rooted in sports. Her parents, Eric and Karen Wilson, were professional skiers who represented the US Ski Team at a young age.

Moriah’s sister, Russel Wilson, plays as an NFL quarterback, and her brother, Matt Wilson, is a basketball player with a background at Standford. The Wilson family’s love for biking and music added layers to Moriah’s upbringing.

Personal Life

In the realm of personal relationships, Moriah Wilson’s romantic involvement with Colin Arturo Strickland, a fellow cyclist, became a point of interest.

After a relationship spanning from late October to early November the previous year, Moriah’s connection with Strickland ended before her tragic demise.

The aftermath of her death shed light on a disturbing turn of events involving Kaitlin Marie Armstrong, a former partner of Strickland, who was arrested for Moriah’s murder.

Moriah Wilson Cyclist Biography, Net Worth, Age and Date of Birth, Spouse, Relationship, Parents, Family

Moriah Wilson Cyclist Biography


Moriah “Mo” Wilson, a professional cyclist, met a tragic end when she was shot by Kaitlin Marie Armstrong on May 11, 2022, at a friend’s home in Austin, Texas. Armstrong is currently facing first-degree murder charges in connection to Wilson’s death.

The trial reveals a tangled web of relationships involving Armstrong, Wilson, and Armstrong’s on-again-off-again boyfriend, Colin Strickland.

Both Armstrong and Wilson were linked to Strickland at different times, and prosecutors suggest that Armstrong’s jealousy over Wilson’s connection with Strickland led to the fatal shooting.

During the trial, Strickland, describing his tumultuous relationship with Armstrong, testified about his involvement with Wilson after his breakup with Armstrong.

He revealed that Armstrong confronted Wilson about their relationship, despite the two women never having met before.

The case has garnered attention not only for the details of the relationships but also for Armstrong’s behavior during the police interview, her attempted escape from custody, and her ties to Strickland.

As the trial unfolds, it provides insight into the complexities of the case and the events leading up to and following Wilson’s untimely death.

Net Worth

While Moriah Wilson’s net worth is not explicitly disclosed, her impact on the sports world and the communities she engaged with reflects a wealth of admiration and respect.

Her achievements and dedication to various sports endeared her to fans and fellow athletes alike.

What Is Moriah Wilson Cyclist’s Real Name?

She is known as Anna Moriah Wilson.

How Old Is Moriah Wilson Cyclist (as of 2023)?

Moriah Wilson would have been 27 years old in 2023, she pased away at the age of 26 years old in 2022.

What Is Moriah Wilson Cyclist’s Date of Birth and Birthplace?

Born on May 18, 1996, in Austin, Texas.

What Is Moriah Wilson Cyclist’s Net Worth?

While her net worth isn’t publicly disclosed, her impact on the sports world is immeasurable.

Does Moriah Wilson Cyclist Have Children?

Moriah Wilson did not have any children.

Is Moriah Wilson Cyclist Married?

She was unmarried at the time of her tragic death.

Who Is Moriah Wilson Cyclist’s Boyfriend?

She was romantically involved with Colin Arturo Strickland.

Who Are Moriah Wilson Cyclist’s Parents?

Her parents are Eric Wilson and Karen Wilson.

Who Are Moriah Wilson Cyclist’s Siblings?

Her siblings are Russel Wilson (sister) and Matt Wilson (brother).

In the wake of Moriah Wilson’s tragic end, her legacy lives on through her contributions to the sports world. May her story inspire and remind us of the fragility of life and the enduring spirit of those who pursue their passions wholeheartedly.


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