Was Cat Janice Married? Who Was Cat Janice’s Her Husband

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Cat Janice, a singer-songwriter, passed away at 31 due to sarcoma, a rare cancer. She became known for her viral TikTok song “Dance You Outta My Head.”

Janice noticed a lump in her neck and was diagnosed with sarcoma. Despite undergoing surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation and being declared cancer-free in July 2022, the cancer returned.

She entered hospice care and dedicated her final song, “Dance You Outta My Head,” to her 7-year-old son, Loren, transferring all rights to him.

The song made it to the top 10 of Billboard’s Hot Dance/Electronic Songs chart and amassed over 12.8 million streams on Spotify. Her brother will now manage her Instagram page and music as per her wishes.

Is Cat Janice Married? Who Cat Janice’s Her Husband

Cat Janice was married to Footwerk musician Kyle Higginbotham. They had a 7-year-old son named Loren. Sadly, Cat Janice passed away after battling cancer. She fought for some time before succumbing to the illness.

Kyle, also a musician, shared Cat’s love for music. He supported her throughout her illness, attending chemotherapy sessions with her and taking care of her at home.

Despite the hardships, their bond remained strong, and they found solace in making music together. Cat ensured her son Loren’s future by transferring all her music rights to him.

Get to Know Cat Janice: Biography

Cat Janice, born Catherine Janice Ipsan on January 20, 1993, in Virginia, USA, was a talented American singer-songwriter. Known professionally as Cat Janice, she gained fame for her viral hit “Dance You Outta My Head”.

Growing up in Northern Virginia, specifically in Annandale, Cat Janice displayed musical talent early on, learning to play the violin and piano at the age of six.

She received classical training for 14 years and participated in various musical endeavors, including orchestras, jazz bands, and theatrical productions. Around the age of 12, she began writing her own music and later taught herself music production.

Cat Janice released her debut album in 2014, showcasing her skills as both a vocalist and pianist. The following year, she ventured into southern rock with her second album, “Fire”. In 2019, she received recognition at the Washington Area Music Awards (WAMMYs), winning Best Rock Artist.

Her song “Pricey” featured on an episode of “Selling Sunset” in 2020, and another track was heard on “Redneck Island” on Country Music Television.

In 2022, Cat Janice faced a health challenge when she was diagnosed with sarcoma, a rare and aggressive form of cancer. Despite undergoing surgery and chemotherapy, she continued to work on her music, even writing a song, “Wishing I Was You”, about her battle with cancer.

Although initially declared cancer-free in 2023, the disease returned, spreading to her lungs. Undeterred, Cat Janice continued to create, releasing her album “Modern Medicine” and performing live.

In her final days, Cat Janice made a poignant decision to release her song “Dance You Outta My Head” independently on TikTok, with proceeds benefiting her young son. The song resonated with audiences, climbing the charts and earning acclaim, including the Robert Allen Award from the ASCAP Foundation.

Cat Janice’s legacy lives on through her music, touching the hearts of listeners worldwide.

Cat Janice Husband and Children

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