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Meet Lewis Dunk: Let’s explore the remarkable journey of Lewis, the English football prodigy, from his humble beginnings to captaining Brighton & Hove Albion and donning the England national team colors.

Lewis Dunk Biography

Lewis Dunk, born on November 21, 1991, in England, is a distinguished professional footballer known for his prowess as a center back. As of 2023, he stands at the age of 32.

Lewis, with his remarkable skills, has left an indelible mark on the football landscape, playing a pivotal role in Brighton & Hove Albion’s success and earning recognition on the international stage.

Early Life and Education Background

Dunk’s football journey commenced in his youth at Wimbledon, transitioning to Brighton & Hove Albion’s academy in 2003. This early exposure laid the foundation for his future success, and he made his breakthrough into the first team in 2010.

Full Career

Dunk’s contributions to Brighton & Hove Albion’s success are noteworthy. He played a key role in securing the League One title during the 2010–11 season and contributed significantly to Brighton’s promotion to the Premier League in the 2016–17 season.

His outstanding performances earned him a place in the prestigious PFA Championship Team of the Year. The 2019–20 season marked a turning point as Dunk assumed the captaincy of Brighton.

Under his leadership, the team achieved historic European qualification in the 2022–23 season, solidifying their place in the UEFA Europa League for the 2023–24 campaign.

Parents and Siblings

Lewis Dunk’s father is known as Mark Dunk. The support and guidance from his family have undoubtedly played a crucial role in shaping Dunk’s successful football career.

Personal Life

In his personal life, Dunk is married to Abi Yaxley. The couple is blessed with two children. Despite his busy football schedule, Dunk maintains a stable family life, showcasing the balance between his professional and personal commitments.

Lewis Dunk Biography, Net Worth, Age and Date of Birth, Spouse, Relationship, Parents, Family

Lewis Dunk Biography

Net Worth

As of 2023, Lewis’s estimated net worth is an impressive $15 million. This attests to his successful career and the recognition he has garnered in the footballing world.


What Is Lewis Dunk’s Real Name?

Lewis Carl Dunk.

How Old Is Lewis Dunk (as of 2023)?

32 years old.

What Is Lewis Dunk’s Date of Birth and Birthplace?

Born on 21 November 1991 in England.

What Is Lewis Dunk’s Net Worth (as of 2023)?

$15 million.

Does Lewis Dunk Have Children?

He has two children.

Is Lewis Dunk Married?

Yes, he is married to Abi Yaxley.

Who are Lewis Dunk’s Parents?

His father is known as Mark Dunk.

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