Things to Notice from A Guy that Likes You

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17 Signs He Likes You but Is Hiding It: How to Tell If a Guy Is Into You

Understanding the signals that indicate a guy’s hidden romantic interest can be challenging, as guys often mask their feelings. Valerie Nwoji, a certified relationship expert and self-discovery coach, sheds light on these signs that a guy may be in love but is keeping it concealed.

Things to Notice from A Guy that Likes You

  1. He Declares His Relationship Status: If a guy likes you but wants to keep it under wraps, he might insist he is single to avoid any confusion about his availability.
  2. Jokes About Liking You: Humorous banter that includes flirty remarks or jokes about going on a date with you can be a subtle way for a guy to express his feelings without directly admitting them.
  3. Makes You Jealous: A guy may attempt to gauge your interest by making you jealous, discussing his dating life, and seeking your reaction to situations involving other girls.
  4. Invites You to Hang Out: Continuous invitations to spend time together, even if not explicitly labeled as dates, can indicate his interest in you.
  5. Eye Contact: Constant glances when you’re not looking, immediately averting eyes when caught, and admiring looks are all signs of hidden affection.
  6. Frequent Communication: Regular and meaningful conversations, a surplus of questions, and a genuine interest in your life suggest a desire to get to know you better.
  7. Avoids Mentioning Other Girls: If he intentionally avoids discussing other women, it might be because he doesn’t want you to think he is interested in someone else.
  8. Proximity: Always being close to you, walking with you, and showing up wherever you go are strong indicators that he wants to be near you.
  9. Becomes Supportive: Even if he doesn’t explicitly express his feelings, a guy who consistently supports you, listens to you, and encourages your goals may have hidden romantic inclinations.
  10. Treats Your Friends Well: A guy genuinely interested in you will make an effort to be on good terms with your friends, recognizing their importance in your life.
  11. Jealousy and Overprotectiveness: Subtle signs of jealousy when you talk about other guys or overprotective behavior are indications that he may have strong feelings for you.
  12. Consistent Presence: Always being there for you, helping you without being asked, and prioritizing your needs are signs of a guy who secretly cares about you.
  13. Tries to Impress You: Constant efforts to impress you, whether by mentioning achievements or showcasing success, can be a way for him to gain your admiration.
  14. Asks a Lot of Questions: A guy interested in you will ask numerous questions to learn more about you and show genuine curiosity in your life.
  15. Acts Weird Around You: Changes in behavior, nervousness, or stuttering in his speech when you’re around could be signs of hidden affection.
  16. Fast Text Replies: Swift responses to your messages indicate his eagerness to keep the conversation going and maintain your interest.
  17. Inquires About Your Relationship Status: A subtle way for him to gauge your availability and interest is by asking about your relationship status.

Valerie Nwoji advises clear communication, respecting boundaries, and observing consistent behavior to accurately interpret signs of hidden romantic interest.

She emphasizes the importance of distinguishing between genuine and misleading signals to avoid misunderstandings.

For those wondering how to tell if a guy secretly likes them, Nwoji suggests paying attention to accidental touches, compliments, extended conversations, lingering looks, and consistent supportive behavior.

Additionally, she recommends trusting one’s intuition and differentiating between genuine interest and friendly gestures.

Overcoming the fear of expressing romantic interest involves gradual self-discovery, building confidence, setting realistic goals, and embracing authenticity.

In the realm of relationships, both men and women grapple with uncertainty, making these signs a valuable guide to navigate the complexities of hidden feelings.

Things to Notice from A Guy that Likes You