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Mike Freer, the Conservative MP for Finchley and Golders Green, recently announced his decision to step down due to receiving death threats, abuse, and intimidation.

Recent reports reveal that Freer and his staff have begun wearing stab vests at public events, and his constituency office was targeted in a suspected arson attack.

Freer, known for supporting Israel and condemning antisemitism, has expressed the heavy toll the abuse has taken on him and his family.

His resignation has caused shock and concern among his constituents, particularly given the significant Jewish population in his constituency.

This incident has also reignited the debate on the safety of MPs and the urgent need for more action to address social media abuse.

Early Life and Background

Michael Whitney Freer, a prominent British politician, born on May 29, 1960, in Manchester, England, has left an indelible mark on the political landscape.

This comprehensive biography delves into Freer’s life, covering his early years, education, political career, and the events leading to his unexpected resignation in 2022.

Education Background

Born in Manchester, Mike Freer attended Chadderton Grammar School for Boys and later St Aidan’s County High School. His academic journey continued at the University of Stirling, where he studied accountancy and business law.


In 1990, Mike Freer secured a seat on the Barnet Council, facing subsequent wins and losses. His political prowess shone in the 2005 general election, where he ran for the Harrow West constituency, eventually becoming the Member of Parliament (MP) for Finchley and Golders Green in 2010. Mike Freer’s political journey continued with re-elections in 2015, 2017, and 2019.

Parliamentary Roles

Post-2015, Freer assumed roles such as Parliamentary Private Secretary to the Secretary of State for Transport.

His ascent within the Conservative party led to positions like Assistant Government Whip, Lord Commissioner of the Treasury, and Comptroller of the Household.

A Sudden Resignation

Freer’s political trajectory took an unexpected turn when he resigned on July 6, 2022, citing disapproval of Boris Johnson’s leadership.

Accusing the administration of creating hostility for the LGBT+ community, Mike Freer decided to step down from his position as Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Exports.

Mike Freer Personal Life

Despite political twists, Freer’s personal life stands out. Openly gay and married to Angelo Crolla, his resilience in navigating political challenges parallels his commitment to personal authenticity.

Controversies and Challenges

Throughout his career, Mike Freer faced controversies, such as his stance on housing legislation and an attack by members of Muslims Against Crusades in 2011.

His constituency office became the focal point of a potential arson attack in December 2023, leading to concerns about personal safety.

Legacy and Impact

Mike Freer’s influence extends beyond politics. As a member of Conservative Friends of Israel, he gained recognition in the Jewish community, despite not being Jewish himself.

His initiatives, like the crocus planting event in 2019, reflect a commitment to remembrance and community engagement.

Recent Developments and Future Plans

In April 2022, Mike Freer revealed his connection to Ali Harbi Ali, convicted of David Amess’ murder. Concerns about safety and political climate prompted his decision to resign in the upcoming general election in 2024.

Background Information

Full Name:Michael Whitney Freer
Date of Birth:May 29, 1960
Wife:Angelo Crolla
Net Worth:$1 million – $10 million
Place of Birth:Manchester, England
Age:63 years (as of 2024)
Education:Chadderton Grammar School
St Aidan’s County High School
University of Stirling
Personal Life:Openly gay, married to Angelo Crolla
Mike Freer Background Information

IN Conclusion

Michael Whitney Freer’s journey is a tapestry of political triumphs, challenges, and personal resilience. As he steps away from formal politics, his legacy remains intertwined with the events that shaped his career.


Why did Michael Whitney Freer resign?

Freer cited disapproval of Boris Johnson’s leadership and the administration’s alleged hostility towards the LGBT+ community as reasons for his resignation.

What were Freer’s key political roles?

Freer served as Parliamentary Private Secretary, Assistant Government Whip, Lord Commissioner of the Treasury, and Comptroller of the Household.

What is Freer’s legacy?

Freer’s legacy includes political achievements, community engagement, and standing up for his convictions in the face of controversies.

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