Connie Nielsen Family: Husband, Children and Parents

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In the world of cinema, Connie Nielsen stands out as a versatile Danish actress, renowned for her captivating performances in both film and television.

This blog post delves into the life and career of this talented artist, exploring her journey from the small village of Elling in Denmark to international stardom.

Connie Nielsen is a Danish actress with a diverse career spanning three decades. Her parents, Bent Nielsen and Laila Inge-lise Matzigkeit, played roles in her upbringing.

Her mother, besides being an insurance clerk, also dabbled in acting and wrote musical reviews. Raised as a Mormon, Connie has two children, Bryce Thadeus Ulrich-Nielsen and Sebastian Sartor.

She shares her family with three siblings: Bent Nielsen, Ulrich Nielsen, and Søs Nielsen. Throughout her extensive career, Nielsen has showcased her talent in various films and television series.

Connie Nielsen Family: Husband, Children

Connie Nielsen has never tied the knot, but she’s had significant relationships with two men. Her first notable relationship was with Italian actor Fabio Sartor, resulting in the birth of their son, Sebastian Sartor.

Following their separation, she briefly dated Huey Morga in 2003. From 2004 to 2012, Nielsen was romantically involved with Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich, and together they have a son named Bryce Thadeus Ulrich-Nielsen.

Connie Nielsen Biography

Connie Inge-Lise Nielsen, born on July 3, 1965, in Elling, Frederikshavn, Denmark, is a prominent figure in the entertainment industry. At 58 years old, her illustrious career spans over three decades, marked by remarkable achievements and diverse roles.

Early Life and Education Background

Connie Nielsen’s journey into the world of entertainment began with humble roots. Raised in Frederikshavn, Denmark, in the village of Elling, she hails from a family of five.

Her father, Bent Nielsen, worked as a bus driver, while her mother, Laila Matzigkeit, not only served as an insurance clerk but also contributed to the local artistic scene with acting and musical reviews.

Connie’s siblings—Bent Nielsen, Ulrich Nielsen, and Søs Nielsen—shared in the rich cultural experiences of their upbringing.

Completing her education at Frederikshavn University, Connie laid the foundation for her future endeavors. She then embarked on a journey that would take her beyond the borders of Denmark, setting the stage for a remarkable career.

Connie Nielsen Biography, Net Worth, Age and Date of Birth, Spouse, Relationship, Parents, Family

Connie Nielsen Biography

Full Career of Connie Nielsen

Nielsen’s foray into the English-language film industry began in 1997 with her role as Christabella Andreoli in “The Devil’s Advocate.”

This paved the way for subsequent roles in notable films like “Permanent Midnight” (1998), “Rushmore” (1998), and “Gladiator” (2000), where she starred as Lucilla alongside Russell Crowe and Joaquin Phoenix.

Her career continued to flourish with appearances in diverse projects, including the DC film “Wonder Woman,” the TV series “Boss” and “The Following,” and the Danish mini-series “The Dreamer: Becoming Karen Blixen.”

Nielsen’s versatility shines through, evident in her ability to seamlessly transition between film and television roles. Beyond acting, Connie Nielsen established herself as a multitalented individual.

Fluent in eight languages, she explored her musical and dancing talents. Notably, her contributions extend beyond the entertainment realm—she is the founder of the Human Needs Project and the Road to Freedom Scholarships.

Parents and Siblings

Family plays a significant role in Nielsen’s life. Born to Bent Nielsen and Laila Matzigkeit, her upbringing in a household that embraced artistic expression laid the groundwork for her future in the performing arts.

Her brothers, Ulrich Nielsen and Bent Nielsen, along with her sister Søs Nielsen, share in the familial bond forged in the village of Elling.

Personal Life

In her personal life, Connie Nielsen has experienced romantic relationships that have shaped her journey. Notably, she dated Italian actor Fabio Sartor, resulting in the birth of their son, Sebastian Sartor.

Following this, a short-term relationship with Huey Morga in 2003 unfolded. However, the most enduring relationship was with Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich, lasting from 2004 to 2012. Together, they welcomed a son, Bryce Thadeus Ulrich-Nielsen.

As of now, Connie Nielsen is single, enjoying a peaceful and private life. While there have been rumors and minor controversies, she navigates her personal affairs with grace and discretion.

Net Worth (as of 2023)

Connie’s contributions to the entertainment industry have not only garnered critical acclaim but also financial success. As of current estimates, her net worth ranges between $8 million and $9 million, a testament to her enduring career and diverse talents.


What Is Connie Nielsen’s Real Name?

Connie Inge-Lise Nielsen

How Old Is Connie Nielsen (as of 2023)?

58 years old.

What Is Connie Nielsen’s Date of Birth and Birthplace?

Born on July 3, 1965, in Elling, Frederikshavn, Denmark.

What Is Connie Nielsen’s Net Worth?

$8 million to $9 million

Does Connie Nielsen Have Children?

She has two sons: Sebastian Sartor and Bryce Thadeus Ulrich-Nielsen.

Is Connie Nielsen Married?

No, she is not currently married.

Who Is Connie Nielsen’s Boyfriend?

As of the latest information, she is not in a publicly disclosed relationship.

Who Are Connie Nielsen’s Parents?

Her parents are Bent Nielsen (father) and Laila Matzigkeit (mother).

Who Are Connie Nielsen’s Siblings?

She has three siblings: Bent Nielsen, Ulrich Nielsen, and Søs Nielsen.

In wrapping up this comprehensive biography, Connie Nielsen’s journey reflects a life rich in artistic expression, family values, and a commitment to making a positive impact beyond the spotlight.

From her early days in Denmark to international acclaim, Connie Nielsen’s story continues to evolve, leaving an indelible mark on the world of entertainment.

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