Tafa Balogun Biography And Net Worth, Age, Wife, Cause Of Death, Ex IGP, Former IGP Of Police

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Lets talk about the full biography and net worth of Mustafa Adebayo Balogun, who is popularly known as Tafa Balogun. From 2002 to 2005, he was the former Inspector General of Nigerian Police. Tafa died on August 4, 2022.

Tafa Balogun Biography And Net Worth, Age, Wife, Cause Of Death, Ex IGP, Former IGP Of Police

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Tafa Balogun Biography And Net Worth, Age, Wife, Cause Of Death, Ex IGP, Former IGP Of Police

Tafa Balogun Wikipedia Profile

Real Name: Mustafa Adebayo Balogun
Date Of Birth: 25 August 1947
Age: 74 years old @ 2022
State Of Origin: Osun State, Nigeria
Nationality: Nigerian
Girlfriend – Wife: Unknown
Occupation: Police Officer
Net Worth: Under Est.
Place of Birth: Ila Orangun, Osun State
Parents: Unknown
Source: Info9jatv.com
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Tafa Balogun Biography

Mustafa Adebayo Balogun also known as kumawu, born (25 August 1947 – 4 August 2022), Tafa Balogun, was a Nigerian police officer and the 11th Inspector General of Police from March 2002 to January 2005, when he was forced to quit due to massive corruption allegations.

Who Is Tafa Balogun

Mustapha Adebayo Balogun was the former Inspector General of Police (IGP), Tafa Balogun died August 04, 2022. Family sources confirmed the death of Balogun, who became IGP in March 2002 to 2005.

Tafa Balogun Age – Date of Birth

How Old Is Yafa Balogun? Born August 25, 1947, in Ila Orangun, Osun State. Balogun passed away at age 74, just prior to his 75th birthday.

Tafa Balogun State of Origin

Where is Tafa Balogun From? Tafa Balogun is from State? Tafa Balogun was born in Osun State, Ìlá Òràngún.  Ìlá Òràngún is an ancient city in Osun State, Nigeria, that was the capital of the same-named ancient city-state in Yorubaland’s Igbomina region in south-western Nigeria.

Tafa Balogun Education – Qualifications

In 1972, he graduated from the University of Lagos with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. In May of 1973, he joined the Nigeria Police Force. While serving as a police officer, he graduated from the University of Ibadan with a law degree.

Tafa Balogun Death – Cause of Death

According to family sources, former Inspector-General of Police Mustapha Balogun passed away at a hospital in Lekki, Lagos, around 8:30 p.m. on Thursday after a brief illness.

Tafa Balogun Biography And Net Worth, Age, Wife, Cause Of Death, Ex IGP, Former IGP Of Police

Tafa Balogun Career

After holding several posts across the nation, he became the Chief of Staff to the former Inspector-General of Police, Muhammadu Gambo, the Deputy Commissioner of Police in Edo State, and the Commissioner of Police in Delta State, Rivers State, and Abia State, respectively.

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On March 6, 2002, he was elevated to Inspector General of Police from his position as Assistant Inspector General of Police, Zone One, Kano. In November 2001, as A.I.G., Tafa Balogun informed reporters that the Diplomatic Corp and Foreign National Protection Unit had mechanisms to safeguard the safety of companies in Nigeria.

Inspector General of Police

Mustafa Adebayo Balogun succeeded Musiliu Smith as IGP in March 2002. He was in charge of police protection during the national elections in April 2003, which were marred by allegations of police misconduct.

Tafa Balogun presented a paper titled “Nigeria: Electoral Violence and National Security” in August 2003. In it, he advocated for the use of national identification cards, mass education, electoral law reforms, citizen participation in politics, good governance, and the establishment of a constitutional court.

Tafa Balogun orchestrated significant security measures across Nigeria in December 2003 to prevent unrest during the Commonwealth of Nations assembly. Tafa Balogun issued an apology and said that those involved would be prosecuted after a series of incidents in 2004 in which officers assaulted journalists and damaged their equipment.

At the end of 2004, media reported claims of enormous corruption, claiming that Tafa Balogun had taken bribes from politicians and criminals and pocketed state funds. In January 2005, he was forced into retirement as a result. Tafa Balogun was arraigned at the Federal High Court in Abuja on April 4, 2005 on allegations involving about N13 billion gained through money laundering, theft, and other means.

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From 2002 to 2004, the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, led by Nuhu Ribadu, filed 70 allegations against Tafa Balogun. He entered into a plea bargain with the court in exchange for returning a substantial portion of the property and money. He was given a six-month prison sentence. He was released on February 9, 2006, having served a portion of his sentence in Abuja National Hospital.

In November 2008 and February 2009, the Head of the House Committee on Police Affairs, Abdul Ahmed Ningi, asked the Inspector General of Police, Mike Okiro, to submit information of the money recovered from Tafa Balogun. He then forwarded this request to the EFCC chairman, Mrs. Farida Waziri. However, the EFCC indicated that they did not have records of the specific Balogun-recovered items.

It was rumored that some of the residences had been sold in secret to specific persons for pennies on the dollar. In April 2009, the Committee on Police Affairs of the House of Representatives asked Tafa Balogun, Mike Okiro, and Mrs. Farida Waziri to explain how the reportedly recovered N16 billion from Balogun disappeared.

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