Oriaku Kelechukwu James, also known as Kelechi James, is a young rising star in the Nigerian entertainment industry. He was born on May 16th to a Christian family and is a native of Abia State but was raised in Lagos State.

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Kelechi made his acting debut in 2021 in the movie “Dark October,” directed by award-winning director Toka Mcbaror.

The movie, which is based on the true-life events of the ALUU 4 boys who were lynched in Port Harcourt, is currently streaming on Netflix. In the movie, Kelechi plays one of the lead characters, Tamuno.

Oriaku Kelechukwu James Biography and Net Worth, Age, State, Tribe

Personal Life

Known for his hardworking, dedicated, and sunny personality, Kelechi is also an artist and songwriter. He is committed to creating entertainment for people and is always looking for ways to improve and achieve more.

In Conclusion

With his impressive acting skills, Kelechi James is sure to become a popular figure in the Nigerian entertainment industry for years to come. Thank you for reading the full biography and net worth of Oriaku Kelechukwu James.

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