Meet Adamawa Girl Who Graduate With First Class In India (First Class Honours In Ophthalmology)

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Mercy James, the institution’s top graduating student of the year, just earned a First Class Honours in Ophthalmology from an Indian university. The 28-year-old was interviewed by news outlets after sharing her graduation photos on Facebook. In this succinct interview, she discusses her experience:

Meet Adamawa Girl Who Graduate With First Class In India (First Class Honours In Ophthalmology)

Read About James Mercy Below:

James Mercy Anuwanida is my name, a qualified midwife and BSc ophthalmology graduate from Mewar University in India. I am the second to last child born in a family of six, belonging to Mr. and Mrs. James Anuwanida. My parents spent 35 years of their lives working for the state government before retiring as civil servants.

Why She Choose to Study in India?

I had no options on where to study prior to beginning my studies in India. I will therefore state that I was not given the opportunity to decide whether or not to go study there. I was without choice.

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I completed my secondary education in Nigeria and received an 8 Distinctions and 1 Credit diploma from Federal Government College in Maiduguri in 2010.

I also received a top score on my JAMB exam, however I was unsuccessful in my application to the University of Maiduguri’s pharmacy program. I kept doing the same things year after year. I continued to take the JAMB exams in 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013, and despite receiving outstanding scores, I was still unable to enroll in a program.

This led me to choose Adamawa State College of Nursing and Midwifery, Yola, as my school of choice to earn a basic midwifery diploma. This occurred between 2013 and 2016.

Meet Adamawa Girl Who Graduate With First Class In India (First Class Honours In Ophthalmology)

Her Journey To India

It all started when one of my senior friends informed me about a scholarship opportunity that was available at the time in 2019. I applied for it, took the tests, and not only did I pass—among the more than 500 applicants who took the same exam—I also came in first place.

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I made many attempts to get accepted into a Nigerian institution, but they all fell through. I don’t think this was because I had the necessary qualifications; rather, I think it was because God had something greater in mind for me.

Meaning Of ophthalmology

the branch of medicine concerned with the study and treatment of disorders and diseases of the eye.

The scholarship that was given to me had requirements. I didn’t pick ophthalmology out of a list of possible courses because I like it.

Her Experience Going Through An Indian University

It’s worth mentioning the experience I experienced while in India. It has not been simple to stay away from my fatherland for these many years. the people, culture, and way of life. I found it difficult to adjust to the food, way of life, culture, and everything else. However, God had and was still seeing me through.

Meet Adamawa Girl Who Graduate With First Class In India (First Class Honours In Ophthalmology)

Are There Other Nigerians Attending The Institution Too

All of our school activities are supervised by the unions, particularly the association of Adamawa State Students, of which I am the financial secretary. We help one another out as much as we can, and when it comes to fighting, we always stand together.

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Do Indian Universities Go On Strike Like ASUU? No. There had never been a strike, although we had a lock down during the Corona pandemic.

Her Motivations

my household. In everything I do, I strive to make them proud. In our first year, 2019, I was the overall top student in the paramedical department. In this year, 2022, I also took first place in the doubles and singles badminton tournaments conducted by my school.

What’s Your Current Plan? Are you returning to work in Nigeria? Any scholarship opportunity that can help me advance my knowledge and provide me with the tools I need to provide better service will be welcomed. I have faith that God will provide, and if His purpose is for me to return home, I will do it without hesitation.

How Do You Feel Becoming A First Class Graduate And Being The Best Graduating Student Of The Institution? Despite the fact that I am aware of the work I made to achieve this huge success, I am genuinely glad. I can only express how faithful God has been to me.

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