Lady Openly Said “I Will Allow My Husband Have One Side Chic”

I’ll make an exception for my husband and let him have one side chic, lady open up on twitter.

A young lady has ignited a social media controversy after stating that she is open to allowing her future husband to get only one side chic.

Lady Openly Said "I Will Allow My Husband Have One Side Chic"

The woman identified on Twitter as @MetjahLeague explained that she granted such an open marriage so that she could entertain him when she wasn’t in the mood to listen to him and complete other tasks.

She stated that they are free to do whatever they want and that she does not want to know the details of their intimacy, but only if the mistress does not become pregnant.

She did, however, say that when the lady hits menopause, she will allow her to have a kid for her husband.

“I want my spouse to publicly have one side, to entertain him when I’m bored and to listen to his difficulties,” the lady added.

I don’t care what they do as long as she doesn’t fuck around and/or become pregnant. She is, however, permitted to become pregnant when I hit menopause.”

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@Lonwabomatya, a Twitter user, inquired: What about polygamy? Or perhaps you don’t want such a formal setup. In terms of the side, do you feel the same way?

Too formal, answered @MetjahLeague. Perhaps at a later day.

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  • @WenzyROyal; People don’t grasp that this is her life choice, not group work. If she wants that type of marriage, it makes no difference if you want your marriage to be different. Difference is what makes life interesting, and every relationship is unique.
  • @Thapelo24; I still can’t believe they said you may discuss amapiano and Kabza.
  • @shali bee; Then she becomes your sister’s wife, and he now spends more time with her than with you. When he is needed, umuntu athi “but you know where I am” Aowa! And certainly, she will have his baby, and he will pursue more than one because what’s the fun if he has permission to have more than one?
  • @The real 2melo; I understand and respect your point of view. However, rather than attempting to “accommodate”/”accept”/”justify” adultery, why don’t we try to uphold the morals, respect, and dignity connected with marriage? Let us preach to married men and women the importance of respecting their partnership.
  • @sfisomnisi290; Every time I heard a woman say this, it was because she had a secret side she like more than the main one, so she leveled the playing field by allowing spouse to have a side as well…………but you’re just open minded and prepared to explore new things, I see you.
  • @Just Lerato, are you pregnant? When you die, your children will share their house with children who are not yours. HIV? If she has another lover, you’re instantly on three sexual partners.
  • @Siya ZAR; It’s amusing how everyone wishes for a loyal husband and then gets guys with numerous wives, and now you hope for an honest man who will cheat on your terms if he does (you rather mitigate the risk than exposing yourself to unknown risks) They have all been pressed.
  • @QueOrSomething; This screams low self-esteem to me, but it’s none of my business.
  • @AmahleLamila; Keep this mindset, my daughter; it will benefit your marriage greatly in the future. A lot of women are in denial, believing that a guy will never cheat on them. It may not happen during the first five years of marriage, but once those titties sag and that physique changes, believe me, he will.
  • @tamzindungu; Men will have sides whether you want them publicly or secretly, they don’t need your permission, and how he goes about it will have nothing to do with you because their motives for having them have nothing to do with you in the first place.
  • @EinsteinL; I hope that when I have children, my daughters would have the confidence and self-esteem to avoid such situations.
  • @KeithTopG; It’s already happening, so make it official and demand that all parties involved be more responsible and considerate.


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