Kunle Poly Biography And Net Worth, Age, Wife, Family, Career, Children

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Let’s talk about the full Biography and net worth of Kunle Poly, He is quite affluent, however his wealth is difficult to assess. Abdulazeez Adekunle Lawal leads a lavish lifestyle. As one of the NURTW’s leaders in a large state like Lagos.

Kunle Poly Biography And Net Worth, Age, Wife, Family, Career, Children

Kunle Poly Biography

Kunle Poly got the name “Poly” from his friends while he was getting his National Diploma at Kwara State Polytechnic in Ilorin, Kwara State (1995 to 1996). He studied Business Studies.

Alhaji Abdulazeez Adekunle Lawal, who was born on March 23, 1974, is well-known as one of the leaders of the NURTW (National Union of Road Transport Workers) in Lagos State. He is also known as Kunle Poly.

Kunle Poly Net Worth

Kunle Poly is thought to be worth about $1.2 million on the web. He is one of the wealthiest NURTW chieftains in Lagos and Nigeria as a whole.

Kunle Poly has homes, cars, and several businesses. Kunle Poly is rich, so he sent two of his children and his wife to live in another country.

Real Age – Date Of Birth

He is 47 years Old, Born March 23, 1974 within the state of Lagos Nigeria. Kunle Poly possesses different properties, including some beautiful houses.

Kunle Poly Biography And Net Worth, Age, Wife, Family, Career, Children

Wife & Children

He is married to the actress Olayinka Lawal Lamerica. She is from Nigeria. The couple got married a few years ago. At the wedding ceremony, coworkers, family, friends, and other guests were all there.

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Olayinka Lawal Lamerica and her husband are happy in their marriage. They have four children together, and two of her children live abroad.

Kunle Poly Career – Education

Kunle Poly is from the part of Nigeria called Lagos State. Abdulazeez Adekunle Lawal is from the Yoruba tribe and is from the village of sàleè-kó in Lagos State.

Kunle Poly went to high school in Ebute Ero and middle school in Ilupeju, Lagos. Before going to Kwara Poly in Ilorin, Kunle Poly finished his secondary education in 1994.

The Kwara State Polytechnic in Ilorin, Kwara State, is where he got his National Diploma in Business Studies. Kunle Poly is a popular chieftain in the NURTW chapter in Lagos State. Abdulazeez Adekunle Lawal has been a member of the NURTW for the past 16 years.

Alhaji Shina Ajayi was in charge of NURTW when Kunle Poly first joined. At the time, he was the assistant organising secretary for the Ehin Eyo Unit. From there, he moved on to running a transportation business full time.

He was driving a bus, and to help his fellow drivers get ahead, he bought them buses. As a result, they brought him money. He also bought things for other people who would pay him back in instalments.

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After that, he moved to Idumota, where he is now. Kunle Poly has now become a respected chieftain in the NURTW’s Lagos State chapter.

He set up the Kunle Poly Foundation to keep giving people with less power in society more power. He uses his Foundation as a way to help people in need.

Kunle Poly gives a certain amount of his money to charity through his Foundation. He gives money, clothes, and food to orphanages and older people on his birthday.

Death Escape

He narrowly avoided being killed by assassins sometime in 2018. He was with his personal helper, Ganiu, at the time of the incident. Several shooters shot and killed his personal assistant during the event. It happened in the Lagos State neighborhood of Idumota.

According to reports, his PA, Ganiu, alias Piero, was returning from a meeting with Kunle Poly and some security guys, including two police officers, about midnight when the gunmen opened fire on them.

Ganiu was unfortunately wounded by gunshots and killed on the spot. Others were hurt while fleeing the deadly occurrence. According to one source, some hoodlums from the Agarawu region were suspects. The assault was terrible.

Kunle Poly, the head of the NURTW chapters in Idumota, Lagos, held a meeting, according to the source. All chairmen of vehicle parks in the area are invited to the conference. The meeting was called to a close around 12 a.m.

After the meeting, Abdulazeez Adekunle Lawal, Piero (his PA), two police officers, and a union member left for his car, which was parked near the building. Kunle was claimed to have collected the automobile key from Piero and stated that he wanted to drive it himself.

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This meant that Piero sat in the passenger seat while Kunle Poly drove. They were ready to move when the sound of gunshots erupted. Piero was killed after being hit by gunfire. The union member with them had excrement on his hand as well.

The cops were going to return with some firing when they were both overpowered by the gunmen. It was God’s intervention, according to Abdulazeez Adekunle Lawal. He was able to avoid being hit by the car. He jumped into the bridge and made it to the other side of the road. The two cops followed closely behind.

Kunle Poly Biography And Net Worth, Age, Wife, Family, Career, Children

Real Name

His real name is Alhaji Abdulazeez Adekunle Lawal. He was born in Lagos State on March 23, 1974. Kunle Poly did his wedding in March 2018, in Lagos. It was a classy event.

In Conclusion

It’s not difficult to imagine a significant amount of money being earned on the major metropolitan route – arguably the busiest road in the country. He currently owns multiple properties valued in the millions of Naira.

According to Kunle Poly, everyone who has been endowed with riches and other resources should give back to society, particularly to those who are less fortunate. He is also a philanthropist.

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