Jaywon And D’banj: Jaywon Accused D’banj For Releasing His Song Without His Permission

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We will be talking about another Gbas Gbos that is going to happen again in Entertainment Industry, this has to do with two music artist, Jaywon and D’banj. Meanwhile the story isn’t about fight or quarrel.

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Jaywon And D'banj: Jaywon Accused D'banj For Releasing His Song Without His Permission

Jaywon has accused another singer, Dapo Oyebanjo (D’banj), of releasing his (Jaywon) artiste’s song without his permission.

He stated in an interview with Sunday Scoop that more renowned artists should not take advantage of up-and-coming artists.

“The industry is not black and white,” he remarked. In order to be taken seriously, one must sometimes put one’s foot down.

I actually have no beef (issues) with D’banj), but I believe that we, as older artists, should not take advantage of the up-and-coming ones.

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“There are things we witnessed as we progressed through the industry that should have ceased in our time.” Such cycles are supposed to be broken.”

“No, he has not (reached out to him) but I am hoping he would,” the Filebe singer stated when asked if D’banj had reached out to him after he (Jaywon) called him out on social media. It’s all about love anyway; there’s no time for beef. “All I want is for the right thing to happen.”

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