But My Mind Still Dey For The Girl Side Like This – Burna Boy

Burna Boy, a musician from Nigeria, recounts how he was forced to flee after falling in love with a pretty female soldier.

Damini Ogulu, better known by his stage name Burna Boy, is a music sensation in Nigeria. He recently discussed his encounter with a stunning military commander who caught his attention and expressed his thoughts on the encounter.

But My Mind Still Dey For The Girl Side Like This - Burna Boy

He took to his social media page and recounted how he came across a female soldier who caught his eye but that he was unable to approach her directly because of protocol.

Burna Boy admitted that he did not have the self-assurance to make romantic overtures toward her since he was unaware of the appropriate way to court a female soldier.

He went on to say that despite the fact that he never got the opportunity to tell her how he felt about her, he still thinks about her to this very day.

He wrote, “Na so I enter igboro yesterday wey my eye see one beautiful Army woman, I nor come sure how dem take dey toast Army woman, as I no wan lose guard naim I carry my wahala commot there.” He was referring to the fact that he had seen a beautiful Army woman when he had entered igboro the day before. But my thoughts still dey am like dis”.


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