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Vince McMahon is making headlines as he steps down from his roles at WWE’s parent company, TKO Group Holdings.

This decision follows a lawsuit filed by former employee Janel Grant, accusing McMahon of sexual assault, trafficking, and abuse.

McMahon refutes these claims and asserts his commitment to vigorously defending himself against the allegations.

Early Life and Career

Vince McMahon, aged 78, and Janel Grant, aged 43, both call Connecticut, United States, their home. Janel Grant served as an employee at WWE from 2019 to 2022, a professional wrestling promotion co-founded by Vince McMahon.


In a significant turn of events on June 17, 2022, Vince McMahon stepped down from his role as the chairman and chief executive officer of WWE.

However, he made a comeback on January 10, 2023, taking on the position of executive chairman.

TKO Group Holdings Formation

Fast forward to September 12, 2023, Vince McMahon, and Ari Emanuel collaborated to establish TKO Group Holdings.

This media conglomerate, born out of a merger between WWE and Zuffa, the parent company of Ultimate Fighting Championship, saw McMahon and Emanuel assuming the roles of executive chairman and chief executive officer, respectively.

Legal Troubles: Controversies

Trouble surfaced on January 25, 2024, when Janel Grant filed a lawsuit against WWE, Vince McMahon, and former WWE executive John Laurinaitis (aged 61).

Allegations in the lawsuit point to a December 20, 2020, threesome involving McMahon, Laurinaitis, and Grant. Another incident is said to have occurred on March 6, 2021.

Grave Accusations

The lawsuit accuses Vince McMahon of abuse, sexual exploitation, and trafficking of Janel Grant to Laurinaitis and others.

The most severe claim is that on June 15, 2021, McMahon and Laurinaitis allegedly sexually assaulted Grant within Laurinaitis’s office at the WWE headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut.

McMahon’s Response

Responding to these allegations, McMahon dismissed the lawsuit as a “vindictive distortion of the truth.” He contends that the lawsuit is filled with lies and fabricated incidents that never happened.

McMahon asserted his intention to vigorously defend himself against these baseless accusations.

Resignation from Leadership Roles

Despite his determination to clear his name, Vince McMahon, out of respect for various stakeholders, chose to resign immediately from his executive chairmanship and the TKO board of directors.

This unfolding saga presents a complex narrative involving one of the wrestling industry’s most influential figures and the legal challenges that have come to define his later career.

Vince McMahon’s Net Worth

His net worth was approximately $2.8 billion in early 2024, a decrease from its peak of $3.2 billion in 2019.

He holds the status of a billionaire and is positioned at #968 on Forbes’ real-time billionaire list, boasting a net worth of around $3.1 billion.

McMahon’s financial standing has seen fluctuations over the years, hitting $3.6 billion in 2018 and dipping to an estimated $750 million at one point.

He accumulated his wealth as the CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and stood as the company’s primary individual shareholder until it was acquired by Endeavor.

Personal Life

Vince McMahon is married to Linda McMahon, and they have two children, Shane and Stephanie. Shane is wedded to Marissa Mazzola, and the couple has three sons named Declan, Kenyon, and Rogan.


Stephanie his daughter is married to Paul “Triple H” Levesque, and they are parents to three daughters (Vince McMahon grandchildren) named Aurora, Murphy, and Vaughn.

Parents and Siblings

Vince McMahon’s parents were Vincent James McMahon and Victoria H. Askew. Vincent James McMahon, a notable wrestling promoter, was born on July 6, 1914, in Harlem, New York, to Rose and Roderick James “Jess” McMahon.

He had an older brother, Roderick James Jr., and a younger sister, Dorothy. Victoria H. Askew was Vincent James McMahon’s first wife and the mother of Vince McMahon.

Together, Vincent and Victoria had two children: Vincent Kennedy McMahon (Vince McMahon) and Roderick James “Rod” McMahon III.

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