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Kaitlin Armstrong: Unraveling the Controversial Life of the Former Yoga Teacher – Explore the gripping tale of Kaitlin Armstrong, a former yoga instructor facing serious murder charges.

Let’s delve into her life, controversies, and the shocking trial that unfolded in Austin, Texas.

Kaitlin Armstrong Biography

Kaitlin Armstrong, born on November 21, 1987, in Livonia, Michigan, is a 36-year-old former yoga teacher. Standing at 5 feet 8 inches tall, she grew up alongside her sister, Christine Armstrong, attending Stevenson High School.

Known for her athletic prowess in Volleyball, Basketball, and Track and field, Kaitlin continued her education at Schoolcraft College before pursuing further studies at Eastern Michigan University.

Early Life and Education Background

In her school days, Kaitlin gained popularity as an athletic redhead with a keen interest in various sports.

Completing her schooling in 2005, she embarked on her academic journey at Schoolcraft College, eventually earning a bachelor’s degree.

Further studies led her to Eastern Michigan University, shaping her into the individual she became.

Full Career

Kaitlin Armstrong’s life took a dark turn when she became entangled in a murder case involving professional cyclist Anna Moriah “Mo” Wilson.

Convicted of killing Wilson, she received a 90-year prison sentence. The crime unfolded as Kaitlin discovered her then-boyfriend, Colin Strickland, had been involved with Wilson, leading to a tragic sequence of events.

Kaitlin Armstrong Biography, Net Worth, Age and Date of Birth, Spouse, Relationship, Parents, Family

Kaitlin Armstrong Biography

Parents and Siblings

Born to father Mike Armstrong, Kaitlin’s mother remains unidentified. She shares her childhood memories with sister Christine Armstrong, providing a glimpse into the family dynamics that shaped her life.

Personal Life

In a shocking revelation, Kaitlin’s personal life took a disturbing turn with the murder of Anna Wilson. Her partner, Colin Strickland, also a professional cyclist, played a central role in the unfolding tragedy.

Kaitlin’s attempt to escape law enforcement by fleeing to Costa Rica, her drastic plastic surgery to alter her appearance, and subsequent recapture added layers of intrigue to her already tumultuous personal life.

Marital Life and Relationships

Colin Strickland, identified as Kaitlin’s partner, was involved in a romantic relationship with Anna Wilson, ultimately leading to the tragic events.

The complex relationships and Kaitlin’s hostile feelings towards Wilson, as testified by her friend Nicole Mertz during the trial, shed light on the turbulent dynamics within her personal life.


Kaitlin Armstrong’s life became embroiled in controversy as she was found guilty of murdering Anna Wilson. The trial in Austin, Texas, revealed a chilling motive fueled by jealousy and anger. Armstrong’s attempt to escape justice and alter her appearance added twists to an already gripping narrative.

As of November, 2023, Kaitlin Armstrong is currently facing trial in Texas for the alleged murder of professional cyclist Moriah “Mo” Wilson. After the incident, Armstrong reportedly fled to Costa Rica and was later apprehended.

The case involves intricate relationships between Armstrong, Wilson, and Armstrong’s on-again-off-again boyfriend, Colin Strickland. Contradictory statements have arisen regarding Armstrong’s release after a police interview, citing a technical error with the warrant and problems with the reading of her Miranda rights.

Armstrong’s demeanor during the police interview, her attempt to escape custody, and her relationship with Strickland have all added complexity to the trial.

Strickland has testified, describing his tumultuous relationship with Armstrong and his involvement with Wilson following their breakup. Armstrong’s behavior during the interview and her subsequent escape to Costa Rica have raised suspicions.

The case has drawn significant public attention, with discussions on platforms like Reddit where individuals share their opinions on Armstrong’s actions and the trial proceedings. As the trial unfolds, it sheds light on the intricate details leading up to and following Wilson’s tragic death.

Net Worth

While Kaitlin Armstrong’s net worth is not explicitly mentioned, her life has taken a dramatic turn with legal implications. The aftermath of the trial and the possibility of a life sentence raise questions about her financial standing and the impact of the legal proceedings on her future.

How Old Is Kaitlin Armstrong (as of 2023)?

She is 36 years old.

What Is Kaitlin Armstrong’s Date of Birth and Birthplace?

Armstrong was born on November 21, 1987, in Livonia, Michigan.

What Is Kaitlin Armstrong’s Net Worth?

Armstrong’s net worth is currently unknown due to the legal implications surrounding her life.

Does Kaitlin Armstrong Have Children?

Information about Armstrong having children is not provided.

Is Kaitlin Armstrong Married?

Kaitlin’s marital status is not mentioned.

Who Is Kaitlin Armstrong’s Partner?

Kaitlin’s partner is Colin Strickland.

Who Are Kaitlin Armstrong’s Parents?

Kaitlin’s father is Mike Armstrong, and her mother’s identity is undisclosed.

Who Are Kaitlin Armstrong’s Siblings?

Kaitlin has a sister named Christine Armstrong.

In Conclusion

Intriguing and controversial, Kaitlin Armstrong’s life unfolds like a gripping novel, filled with athletic achievements, complex relationships, and a shocking murder trial that continues to captivate the public’s attention.

As the legal proceedings progress, the full extent of her fate remains uncertain, leaving us with more questions than answers.

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