Get to Know Jaafar Jackson: Biography

Jaafar Jackson Biography, Net Worth, Parents, Siblings, Family, Career, Education, Personal Life

Jaafar Jackson, nephew of the late Michael Jackson, will portray his uncle in the upcoming biopic “Michael,” set to release in April 2025.

Directed by Antoine Fuqua, the film has sparked excitement for Jaafar’s striking resemblance to the “King of Pop.”

Early images and statements from the director and producers highlight Jaafar’s remarkable portrayal, with renowned photographer Kevin Mazur capturing him in character as Michael.

The biopic aims to present a captivating and authentic depiction of Michael Jackson’s life and career, showcasing both his successes and struggles on a grand scale.

The cast also includes Nia Long, Colman Domingo, and Miles Teller in significant roles.

Get to Know Jaafar Jackson: Biography

Jaafar Jeremiah Jackson, born on July 25, 1996, in Los Angeles, California, USA, is a prominent figure in the entertainment industry.

From his debut as a performer to his recent ventures, Jackson has continually captivated audiences with his exceptional talent and charisma.

Early Life and Education Background

Growing up in the illustrious Jackson family, Jaafar was exposed to music and showmanship from a young age.

His father, Jermaine Jackson, and mother, Alejandra Genevieve Oaziaza, provided a nurturing environment for his artistic development. However, details about his educational background remain undisclosed.


Jaafar Jackson, is making waves in the music industry. As the second youngest son of Jermaine Jackson and nephew to the legendary Michael Jackson, Jaafar has music in his blood.

Early Career and Debut Single

Starting his music journey at just 12 years old, Jaafar quickly mastered the piano and honed his skills as a musician and artist.

In 2019, he released his debut single, “Got Me Singing,” which has garnered nearly 9 million views on YouTube. The accompanying music video was filmed in Vidigal, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Modeling and Acting Ventures

Beyond music, Jaafar has ventured into modeling and acting. He made his modeling debut and took the stage alongside his father and brother.

Additionally, he is set to portray his uncle Michael Jackson in the highly anticipated biopic “MICHAEL,” scheduled for release on April 18, 2025.

Aspirations and Social Impact

Jaafar aims to honor his family’s legacy while revolutionizing the music industry. He is passionate about making a positive social impact through his music and actively supports various social causes.

Versatility and Musical Influences

Drawing inspiration from legends like Sam Cooke and Marvin Gaye, Jaafar’s music blends classic sounds with contemporary flair. His debut single, “Got Me Singing,” received acclaim from fans and critics alike.

Management and Mentorship

Managed by Alex Avant, son of legendary executive Clarence Avant, Jaafar is also mentored by his father, Jermaine Jackson. Over the years, he has collaborated with a diverse team of producers and writers to create exceptional music.

Beyond Music: Art and Travel

Jaafar’s creativity extends beyond music to include drawing, fashion, and travel. He enjoys visiting destinations like Hong Kong and Austria, further enriching his artistic endeavors.

Parents and Siblings

Jaafar Jackson is the son of Jermaine Jackson and Alejandra Genevieve Oaziaza.

He shares a close bond with his brother, Jermajesty Jermaine Jackson, and has several half-siblings, including Jermaine Jackson Jr., Donte Randall Jackson, Autumn Jackson, Jourdynn Michael Jackson, Jaimy Jackson, Jeremy Maldonado Jackson, and Dawn Jackson.

Personal Life

Jaafar Jackson’s relationship status seems to be a bit of a mystery. While one source claims he’s currently single, another suggests he’s in a relationship with Maddie Simpson.

Adding to the confusion, there’s mention of a past relationship with Alyssa Shouse. With conflicting reports, it’s hard to determine Jaafar Jackson’s current relationship status.

Jaafar Jackson Biography, Net Worth, Parents, Siblings, Family, Career, Education, Personal Life
Jaafar Jeremiah Jackson

Net Worth

Jaafar Jackson’s hard work and dedication have culminated in a commendable net worth estimated at $4 million as of 2024.

Through his multifaceted career as a musician, dancer, and actor, he has solidified his position as a rising star in the entertainment realm.

FAQs about Jaafar Jeremiah Jackson

What Is His Real Name?

Jaafar Jeremiah Jackson.

How Old Is He (as of 2024)?

Jaafar Jeremiah Jackson is 27 years old as of 2024.

What Is His Date of Birth and Birthplace?

Jaafar Jeremiah Jackson was born on July 25, 1996, in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Where Is He From?

Jaafar Jeremiah Jackson is from Los Angeles, California, USA.

How Is Jaafar Jackson Related to Michael Jackson?

Jaafar Jackson is the nephew of Michael Jackson, being the son of Jermaine Jackson, Michael’s brother.

What Is His Net Worth (as of 2024)?

Jaafar Jackson’s net worth is estimated to be around $4 million as of 2024.

Does He Have Children (as of 2024)?

No, Jaafar Jackson does not have children as of 2024.

Is He Married (as of 2024)?

Jaafar Jackson’s marital status is currently unmarried.

Who Is His Girlfriend, If He Is Not Married?

Maddie Simpson

In conclusion

Jaafar Jeremiah Jackson’s journey is a testament to perseverance, talent, and ambition.

As he continues to make strides in the entertainment industry, his star continues to shine brighter, captivating audiences worldwide with his artistry and passion.

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