Explore the remarkable life of Nigerian politician Francis Ogbonna Nwifuru, two-term Speaker of Ebonyi State House of Assembly and winner of the 2023 APC governorship election.

Francis Nwifuru Biography

Francis Ogbonna Nwifuru was born on February 25, 1975, in Oferekpe Agbaja, Izzi Local Government Area of Ebonyi State, Nigeria. His educational journey began at Oferekpe Agbaja Community Primary School in 1991, followed by Community Secondary School, Nwofe Agbaja, in 1999.

Nwifuru’s pursuit of knowledge led him to Ebonyi State University, where he studied Building Technology and Wood Work. Later, he obtained a law degree from the same university.

His commitment to education extended to Salford University, Manchester, where he earned a Masters Degree in Procurement, Logistics, and Supply Chain Management in June 2021.

Full Career

In 2007, Nwifuru entered politics, contesting for a state constituency seat in the Ebonyi State House of Assembly. Although unsuccessful, he later became an Ex-Officio State Executive Member of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Ebonyi State.

March 2011 marked a turning point as he won the election to represent Izzi West Constituency in the Ebonyi State House of Assembly.

His rise continued, holding key positions such as Deputy Chief Whip and Chairman House Committee on Lands, Survey, Urban Development, and Environment.

Re-elected in 2015 and 2019, Nwifuru made history as the only member to serve two terms as Speaker in the Ebonyi State House of Assembly. In 2020, he assumed the role of National Vice Chairman South East Conference of State Legislatures of Nigeria.

Parents and Siblings

Specific names of his parents and siblings remain undisclosed in public records, his upbringing in the well-known Chief and Mrs. Nwifuru Nwamkpu family reflects the values that shaped his journey.

Francis Nwifuru Biography, Net Worth, Age and Date of Birth, Spouse, Relationship, Parents, Family

Francis Nwifuru Biography

Personal Life

Francis Nwifuru grew up in a family with multiple wives, but now he takes pride in being the husband of Chief Uzoamaka Nwifuru and a father to five children.

Though we don’t have many details about his parents and siblings, Francis is dedicated to his role as a husband and father, finding joy in raising his family with Chief Uzoamaka Nwifuru.

Net Worth

As of 2023, Francis Nwifuru boasts a net worth exceeding $200,000. His accomplishments in politics and education contribute to his financial success, showcasing his diverse expertise in governance and leadership.


What Is Francis Nwifuru’s Real Name?

His real name is, Francis Ogbonna Nwifuru..

How Old Is Francis Nwifuru (as of 2023)?

He is is 48 years old in 2023.

What Is Francis Nwifuru’s Date of Birth and Birthplace?

Born on February 25, 1975, in Oferekpe Agbaja, Izzi Local Government Area of Ebonyi State.

What Is Francis Nwifuru’s Net Worth?

His net worth is above $200,000 as of 2023.

Does Francis Nwifuru Have Children?

Yes, Francis Nwifuru is married to Chief Uzoamaka Nwifuru, and they have five children.

Who Is Francis Nwifuru‘s Wife?

He is married to Chief Uzoamaka Nwifuru.

In this comprehensive blog post, we’ve delved into the life of Francis Ogbonna Nwifuru, capturing his journey from early education to political leadership and personal life.

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