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Unveiling the “Lip Gloss Boy” and Nigeria’s Influential Beauty Icon – Enioluwa Adeoluwa, affectionately known as the “lip gloss boy shines bright, captivating the hearts of millions.

Eni, popularly known as the “lip gloss boy,” has carved an influential niche in Nigeria, leaving an indelible mark on the fashion and beauty landscape.

Let’s delve into the captivating biography of Enioluwa Adeoluwa, exploring his early life, education, career, family, personal life, and net worth.


Eni, born on July 6, 1999, in Ado-Ekiti, hails from Ekiti State, Nigeria. Raised in Akure, Ondo State, he defied traditional norms, showcasing exceptional talents early on.

His father, Prof. Victor Olufemi Adeoluwa, a distinguished figure, and his mother, a professor and CEO, provided a foundation for his remarkable journey.

Early Life and Education Background

Enioluwa’s formative years in Akure under the guidance of his professor father shaped his unconventional approach to life. Despite societal expectations, he embraced diverse interests, setting the stage for his future endeavors.

Eni’s educational odyssey began at Cabataf Nursery and Primary School, later progressing to Preston International School. His passion for the arts led him to Ekiti State University, where he attained a first-class honors degree in Theatre Arts.

Subsequently, he pursued a master’s in marketing communication at Pan-Atlantic University, winning accolades for best director at the Nigerian Universities Theater Arts Festival.

Academic Excellence

From Cabataf to Ekiti State University, Eni’s academic journey showcased brilliance. A theater arts graduate with a stellar CGPA, he continued to excel, earning a master’s degree in marketing communication.

Career: Achievements

Transitioning from a growth analyst in a Nigerian fintech company to a trailblazing content creator, Eni’s career soared.

His collaborations with MAC and the groundbreaking “MAKEOVER With ENI” project underscore his ascendancy in the beauty domain.

With nearly 3 million social media followers, he’s the first Nigerian to secure a MAC brand partnership.

Parents and Siblings

Enioluwa’s family, rooted in Ondo State, is marked by academic prowess. His father, Prof. Victor Olufemi Adeoluwa, serves as the vice chancellor of the Bamidele Olumilua University of Education.

His mother, a professor and CEO, completes this academic powerhouse.

Personal Life: Relationships

Enioluwa’s personal life intertwines with media buzz. Linked with Priscilla Ojo and Hilda Baci, he keeps the details private. His “Late Night Show With Eni” showcases his multifaceted personality, interviewing notable Nigerians.

Enioluwa Adeoluwa Net Worth

While specific figures remain undisclosed, Enioluwa’s net worth is estimated above $300,000. A testament to his diverse pursuits, from media to fashion, his financial standing underscores his influence and success.

What Is Enioluwa’s Real Name?

Enioluwa Adeoluwa.

How Old Is Enioluwa (as of 2023)?

Enioluwa is 24 years old in 2023.

What Is Enioluwa’s Date of Birth and Birthplace?

Born on July 6, 1999, in Ado-Ekiti, Nigeria.

Where Is Enioluwa From?

Originally from Ekiti State, Nigeria.

What Is Enioluwa’s Net Worth (as of 2023)?

Estimated to be above $300,000.

In Conclusion

Enioluwa Adeoluwa’s journey from Akure to global acclaim exemplifies the power of breaking norms. Beyond the controversies, his impact on beauty, fashion, and societal perceptions reflects a dynamic force shaping Nigeria’s cultural landscape.

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