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Bishop Feyi Daniels, who was born as (Bishop Feyi Oluwafeyiropo Daniels) is the founder of I Reign Christian Ministry, has received a life sentence for the rape and sexual assault of a female worshipper.

Justice Rahmon Oshodi, the trial judge, deemed him guilty of these offenses. Additionally, he got a three-year imprisonment term for the charge of sexual assault.

The cleric faced an amended four-count charge related to rape, attempted rape, and sexual assault. The sentencing took place at an Ikeja sexual offences and domestic violence court in Lagos.

Background Information

Full NameBishop Oluwafeyiropo Daniels
Date of BirthMay 6th
Place of BirthIdo Ile, Ekiti, Nigeria
State of OriginEkiti State, Nigeria
OccupationBishop, teacher, prophet, author
Known asThe Founder of iReign Global
Church Location2a Guestimate Avenue, off Etal Avenue, off Kudirat Abiola Way, Oregun, Lagos, Nigeria
WifePastor Awele Feyi-Daniels
Children2 Children
Bishop Feyi Daniels Background Information

Early Life and Background

Born on May 6th, Bishop Daniels carries the mandate of dominion, earning him the epithet of the teaching prophet. His spiritual leadership extends globally through the ministry of iReign Global, with centers scattered across the world.

The ministry’s headquarters is situated at 2A Guestimate Avenue, off Etal Avenue, off Kudirat Abiola Way, Oregun, Lagos, Nigeria. Bishop Feyi Daniels’ journey into spiritual leadership took root in his early years.

While specifics about his early life and education are scarce, his transformative experience from the business sector to the divine realm is a testament to a calling that transcended conventional expectations.


Bishop Feyi Daniels, a seasoned prophet, teacher, and pastor, has dedicated over 20 years to serving in the charismatic Christian community. He is the founder and lead pastor of iReign Christian Family, a ministry committed to spreading the gospel.

Prior to fully committing to his religious calling, Bishop Feyi Daniels gained experience working for renowned international corporations such as Chevron, Intercontinental Bank, and Skye Bank.

Having received profound insights and teachings from God, Bishop Feyi Daniels has authored numerous books. Recognized for his prophetic teachings, he holds a respected position as a leader in the charismatic Christian community.

However, his journey has not been without controversies, as he faced charges of rape, resulting in a life imprisonment sentence. Beyond his contributions to the church, Bishop Feyi Daniels has actively engaged in business and education.

He has overseen business schools, managed multinational institutions, and successfully scaled firms that have received consultancy from several multinational corporations.

Parents and Siblings

We currently do not have any information about his parents or siblings’, but we promise to update this page as soon as we find more information about him.

Personal Life

In the realm of personal life, Bishop Daniels is happily married to Pastor Awele Feyi-Daniels, and together, they are blessed with two sons.

His commitment to family life reflects a harmonious balance between spiritual responsibilities and domestic bliss.

Bishop Feyi Daniels Net Worth (as of 2024)

While the exact figures of Bishop Daniels’ net worth remain hidden, his wealth extends beyond material possessions.

The impact of his teachings, publications, and the establishments he oversees speaks volumes about a spiritual legacy that transcends monetary evaluations.

Legacy and Impacts

Bishop Feyi Daniels, a well-known religious leader, is dedicated to reinstating men to their rightful roles as Kings. Through his ministry and prophetic insights, he has left a lasting impact and actively participated in notable events within the religious community.

His legacy and influence are mainly tied to his contributions in the religious and spiritual realms, as well as his ability to shape individuals and communities through his teachings and prophecies.


Bishop Feyi Daniels, a pastor in Lagos, faced accusations of rape involving a female assistant pastor at his church in 2020. In March 2023, the Lagos Directorate of Public Prosecution ordered him to appear in court for the alleged rape of the assistant pastor and another lady.

He denied the two-count charge of rape. Bail was granted under conditions, including a N20 million bond and two sureties with property in the state.

Justice Ramon A. Oshodi ordered a speedy trial, and he was held at the Kirikiri Correctional Centre until his court appearance in 2023.

Despite the ongoing case, members of the IReign Christian Ministry, founded by Bishop Feyi Daniel, gathered for worship joyfully in April 2023.


What Is Bishop Feyi Daniels’s Real Name?

The renowned spiritual leader’s real name is Bishop Feyi Oluwafeyiropo Daniels.

What Is Bishop Feyi Daniels’s Date of Birth, Age and Birthplace?

Bishop Feyi Daniels was born on May 6th in Ido Ile, Ekiti, Nigeria.

Where Is Bishop Feyi Daniels From?

Bishop Daniels hails from Nigeria, with roots in Ido Ile, Ekiti, and has initiated his ministry work in Accra, Ghana.

What Is Bishop Feyi Daniels’s Net Worth (as of 2024)?

Under Review

In Conclusion

Bishop Feyi Oluwafeyiropo Daniels’ life unfolds as a testament to the transformative power of spiritual calling.

From his roots in Nigeria to the global impact of iReign Global, he remains an influential figure in both spiritual and academic realms.

As we traverse the contours of his life, Bishop Daniels emerges not just as a teacher of the Word but as a beacon of inspiration for those seeking purpose and dominion in their own journeys.

Get to Know Bishop Feyi Daniels: Biography

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