Zanozuko Sigcau Biography And Net Worth, Funeral, Cause Of Death, Nationality, Wife, Wikipedia

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Lets talk About the full Biography Of Zanozuko Sigcau: The first monarch recognized under Ramaphosa’s administration was Kumkani Tyelovuyo Sigcau (Zanozuko). The two frequently discussed the district development model’s ideas for local development and service delivery.

Zanozuko Sigcau Biography And Net Worth

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Zanozuko Sigcau Biography And Net Worth, Funeral, Cause Of Death, Nationality, Wife, Wikipedia

King Zanozuko Sigcau Wikipedia Profile

Real Name: Kumkani Tyelovuyo Sigcau (Zanozuko)
Date Of Birth: 15th September 1974
Age: 48 years old @ 2022
Place Of Birth: Lusikisiki in Mpondo Kingdom
Nationality: South African
Wife: Princess Nomxolisi Makaula of kwaBhaca
Occupation: King
Net Worth: $9 Million
Kingdom: Mpondo Kingdom
Period: (Crowned. 2018 – 2022)
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Zanozuko Sigcau Biography

The late Chief Zwelidumile Major Sigcau and Chieftainess, the current Queen Zuziwe Victoria (Nobandla!) Sigcau, who is in charge of the Mpondo Kingdom, gave birth to Zanozuko Tyelovuyo Sigcau in Lusikisiki on September 15, 1974.

Who Is Zanozuko Sigcau

Popular South African King Zanozuko Tyelovuyo Sigcau of the Mpondo nation was crowned in 2018 and was well-known for his outstanding achievements. The first monarch to receive such recognition was King Zanozuko under President Cyril Ramaphosa. He passed away on May 31, 2022.

Age – Date Of Birth

How Old Is King Zanozuko Sigcau? He was born on September 15, 1974, and if he hadn’t passed away at the age of 47, he would have turned 48 on that date.

King Zanozuko Sigcau Wife – Children

Princess Nomxolisi Makaula of KwaBhaca was the bride of King Zanozuko Sigcau. We really do not have any details about his children. But we promise to update you guys when ever we find out more details about him.


He is a King in Mpondo Kingdom, crowned in 2018, he was known for his great works. he is from South Africa.

Education – Qualification

Mampelwaze JSS in Lusikisiki served as his primary school, and Mtumasi JSS in Mount Fletcher served as his secondary school. He attended Mariazelle SSS in Mount Fletcher, Ndamase SSS in Ngqeleni, and Bodweni SSS in Lusikisiki, where he received his Senior Certificate (Matric) in 1992.

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Zanozuko studied at the University of Transkei to pursue a Bachelor of Law degree. He graduated in 1999 with an LLB after first earning a B Juries in 1996. He completed his internship in 2002 at Mlokothi Attorneys in Lusikisiki before joining the Department of Education’s Labor Relations Division there.

King Zanozuko Sigcau Career

Zanozuko left the Nhlapho Commission on Traditional Leadership after its establishment in 2006, and in 2007 he started his campaign to be recognized as the legal heir to the late King Mandlonke Sigcau of the AmaMpondo Kingdom, who had passed away in 1937.

In 2018, he was proclaimed King. Throughout his administration, he vigorously supported a Mpondo Kingdom that was developing and forward-thinking, where the people were united, engaged citizens who benefited from opportunities on their lands and in the economy.

He made sure that he played a key role in this respect to make a difference in people’s lives by starting projects, including publicly speaking out against GBV. He is a Gender Based Violence campaigner, sports fan, and culture curator. He collaborated with a variety of stakeholders and loved working with people.

His widowed mother eventually left her position as a teacher to carry on her husband’s legacy as the regent after the tragic death of his father in 1984. His main sources of support during his childhood were his late maternal uncles Mr. Thomas Mgaga and Mr. Douglas Mgaga, as well as the residents of Ndimakude.

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His six (6) children are Yolisa (Yoyo), Emihle (Mimi), Lona, Ayabulela, Nizole, and Khulisa. He is also survived by his mother, Queen Zuziwe Victoria (Nobandla!) Sigcau, his two (2) sisters, Princesses sisters Nontsasa and Ziyanda Sigcau, and his two (2) sisters. Lala Xoxolo Faku! Ngqungqushe! Nyawuza! Ziqelekazi! Hlambangobubende!.

Zanozuko Sigcau Biography And Net Worth, Funeral, Cause Of Death, Nationality, Wife, Wikipedia

Funeral Of King Zanozuko Sigcau – Cause Of Death

King Zanozuko Sigcau’s funeral ritual nearly turned into chaos. After Prince Mbasa Sigcau reminded the mourners that a court order was in effect and that the kingship was still under dispute, this took happened. On Tuesday, the monarch was laid to rest.

Nearly three years after being crowned king, he passed away in May following a brief illness. At the wake at Flagstaff, Eastern Cape, President Cyril Ramaphosa spoke and was in attendance.

Net Worth

The King is rich and wealthy as other kings. His Net Worth on estimate is more than $9 Million. Thank You for reading the Full Biography And Net Worth of King Zanozuko Sigcau, in aspect of his Date Of Birth, State Of Origin, Marriage, Children, House, Cars, Educational Background, Qualifications, Childhood, History, Wikipedia, Bio, Siblings and lots more.

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