Victoria Samson Biography And Net Worth: Who Is The Owner, Founder, CEO Of BOVAS & Company Limited

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Lets talk about the full biography of Victoria A. Samson whom is popularly known as Mama BOVAS, she is a Nigerian and Married to Bamidele O. Samson. She is the owner of BOVAS & Company Limited. We will be discussing about the CEO and founder of the company and all you need to know about the company.

Victoria Samson Biography And Net Worth

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Victoria Samson Biography And Net Worth: Who Is The Owner, Founder, CEO Of BOVAS & Company Limited

Victoria Samson Biography

Victoria A. Samson is the founder and CEO of Bovas Company. She is a consummate marketer with over twenty-five (25) years of experience in the oil and gas business as a Dealer with both Texaco Nigeria Plc and Mobil Plc. In 1990, she became the first Nigerian to receive the Texaco Latin America West Africa (LAWA) Award for Best Overall Dealer for the highest combined sales in both regions.

She is the Matron of IPMAN, NNPC/PPMC Satellite Depot, Ejigbo, Lagos State, and Apata Depot, Ibadan, Oyo State. She is in charge of the company’s entire corporate strategy and direction.

Who Is Victoria Samson

She is the first Nigerian to receive the prestigious honor for the highest combined sales in both areas. She is currently the Managing Director of the BOVAS Group. The BOVAS group was founded in 1980 as a locally owned and operated independent gasoline marketing company.

Her Husband – Bamidele O. Samson

Architect Bamidele O. Samson, the Chairman, is a co-founder of BOVAS Group. He studied in Nigeria and Europe and temporarily lectured at the University of Ibadan and the Ibadan Polytechnic before joining Design Group, from which he retired to found the Bovasgroup. He is a well-known Rotarian, a Justice of the Peace, and a reputable architectural consultant.

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Owner – CEO – Founder Of BOVAS

Who Is The Owner, Founder and CEO of BOVAS? Victoria A. Samson is the proprietor of BOVAS & Company Limited. Mrs Victoria A. Samson, the Managing Director of BOVAS & Company Limited, also known as Mama BOVAS, has maintained her business values at a time when her peers in Nigeria’s oil and gas sector are scrambling for ill-gotten gains.

It is clear that Mama BOVAS’ fuel stations are more concerned with their clients’ financial well-being and contentment than with the unfavorable windfall. Nigerians have reported that BOVAS fuel stations never sell beyond the pump price, never hoard fuel, and refuse to change the selling pump meter, all of which are strangely new components of Nigeria’s oil and gas sector’s selling culture.

Mama BOVAS has earned the respect of Nigerians for her insistence on the standard price of fuel, especially in light of the ridiculous amount of profit that her peers are making as they profit from the economy’s instability and milk Nigerians’ milk.

Could Mrs Samson, on the other hand, be classified as naive and uninformed when it comes to making money when the opportunity arises? No. This is due to her nearly three decades of experience in the oil and gas industry.

In 1990, she became the first Nigerian to receive the Texaco Latin America West Africa (LAWA) Award for Best Overall Dealer for the highest combined sales in both regions. Her ownership of a corporation with 119 service stations around the country also speaks to her commercial ability.

Victoria Samson Biography And Net Worth: Who Is The Owner, Founder, CEO Of BOVAS & Company Limited

Where Is BOVAS Company & Limited Located, Is It In United Kingdom?

BOVAS & Company Limited (under which the BOVAS Service Stations operate), BOVAS Gas, BOVAS Mart, BOVAS Bulk Storage Facilities, and BOVAS Haulage make up the Bovas Group.

The company was founded in 1980, and it was granted a business license in Nigeria in 1981. Bovas was founded with the goal of filling a gap in the petroleum supply chain (distribution) as both bulk breakers and retailers. Bovas was founded by professionals as a medium-sized company with the primary goal of bridging the supply chain gap while also adding value to the business.

As a result, the Company was to operate as a self-sustaining institution engaged in the downstream petroleum business in Nigeria, with plans to expand to other areas of the West Coasts, other African countries, and beyond.

Victoria Samson Net Worth

Victoria At the time of writing, Samson’s net worth ranged from $2 million to $5 million dollars.

History Of BOVAS Company & Limited

If some empresses’ heroic actions were not used to deal with global difficulties that threatened mankind’s drive to rule the environment, HUMAN history would be easily mocked as a distortion of reality. The consequence is that the modern human world would have been a mirage if only men but no women worked hard. Marian Levy (1952), a feminist writer, feels that the human universe is “created in women” in her narrow perspective.

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It’s no surprise, however, that many empires, kingdoms, and even modern cultures have queen moms, queen mums, queen dowagers, and heroines of all kinds, whose folklore thrives in wider festivals in honor of their heroic contributions to society’s progress.

However, in traditional African civilization, women’s roles were limited to housewifery and childbearing. These two roles were the primary sources of respect, prestige, and status for African women.

Mama Victoria’s efforts to nation building were not regarded as substantial and were not recognized as such in society. A Samson does not have the same sentiments and beliefs on these crucial subjects, but she has been able to encourage and assist women to be self-sufficient, leaders, and important instruments in society.

She began her career as a trader with Texaco Nigeria Ltd., which is now MRS Plc, in 1980. Mrs Victoria Samson went on to receive the Texaco Plc Best Dealer Award for the Latin American/West African Region, which included sales, marketing, and innovativeness, among other things. Soon after, the BOVAS group, an indigenous independent petroleum marketing company, was born.

Mrs Victoria Samson, the Managing Director of BOVAS & Company Limited, is a consummate marketer with over twenty-five (25) years of experience in the oil and gas business as a Dealer with both Texaco Nigeria Plc and Mobil Plc. She was the first Nigerian to win the Texaco Latin America West Africa (LAWA) Award for Best Overall Dealer in 1990, for the highest combined sales in both regions.

BOVAS opened her first service station in Osogbo, Nigeria’s capital city, in 1991, as a result of her managerial acumen, dexterity, ingenuity, and hard work, with the goal of assisting the government in making petroleum products more accessible to everyone. The company now has service stations all around the country, with many more in various stages of construction that will be delivered at regular intervals.

In 1995, the business added a Liquefied Petroleum Gas Plant to its product line, primarily to meet the needs of residential gas customers in the southwestern portion of the country.

In 1995, the LPG facility, which was located at Jegede Bus Stop, Akanran Road, Ibadan, Oyo State, began operations. It provides LPG directly to households and other big domestic LPG consumers, as well as replenishing services. At select service stations and locations across the country, the company has also developed revolutionary LPG Auto Skid Units.

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Mrs Victoria A. Samson, a Marxist, believes that there is a structured form of conflict in society that arises from the relationship between bourgeoisies who monopolize our political, economic, and social resources and proletariats who are cut off from the materialist process.

“Mama BOVAS” went on to say that the bourgeoisie’s exploitative and domineering power would lead to a conflict in which the proletariats would revolt and overthrow the property class in order to establish the SOCIALIST ORDER, which would put the masses in charge.

Bovas Company And Limited


Mama BOVAS, despite the dangers, not only revolted the oil cabals in their ruthless traits of milking Nigerians, but also put the people in charge. When a litre of Premium Motor Spirit (PMS), also known as gasoline, cost N200 or more in Nigeria, motorists were left stranded due to long lines at many filling stations.

Then, because of the scarcity, motorists were compelled to stay home. The level of scarcity grew, and the situation was made worse when the price of gasoline was jacked up by various gas stations.

BOVAS, an independent marketer, sold its products at the official price during these perilous times. BOVAS has been a major marketer in Nigeria, helping to alleviate fuel scarcity.

Solid Foundation, Confidence, Truth, and Vigor are the cornerstones of BOVAS’ management philosophy. BOVAS also employs Nigerian youths and people who want to work for a reputable company that has not only created an environment that encourages team building, project management, skill transfer, and career development, but also ensures the safety and security of its employees, customers, and the environment.

The company’s MISSION and VISION are to build an effective and efficient distribution network of service stations that operates with Integrity, Honesty, Reliability, and Excellence, as well as to become a household name in Nigerian petroleum products, which the company has accomplished with the help of a dedicated team.

BOVAS is expanding to reach more of the West Coasts, as well as other African countries and beyond. Mrs Victoria Samson, who is lovely, dutiful, and diligent, has made a constructive, effective, and good contribution to society that cannot be denied. She will be remembered as a kind woman of distinction with a strong desire to help the poor.

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