Taiwo Hassan Ogogo Fights With Touts In Ilaro, Ogun State

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Report reaching us early today afternoon on the 25th day of June, 2022 that a Veteran Nigerian Nollywood Actor, Taiwo Hassan Ogogo was involved in a fight with some street boys in his hometown, Ilaro in Ougun State, Nigeria.

Taiwo Hassan Ogogo Fights With Touts In Ilaro

Veteran actor Taiwo Hassan, also known as Ogogo, had to deal with some extortionists in Ilaro. Ogogo explained his version of the conflict, saying that he had gone to his hometown of Ilaro to check out some project when some unidentified men approached him and demanded for money.

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He claimed that he gave them everything he had, but one of them dragged him by his clothes, demanding for more money that he was unable to provide, and threatened to stay with him until he did so. When the tout instructed Taiwo to perform his worst, the actor erupted and blows were traded in the place.

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Ogogo Said; “Let me provide the truth and my side of the story before bloggers write about it.”

I was in my hometown of Ilaro for a project inspection when a group of unidentified men approached me for the customary appraisals.

  1. We watch your movie
  2. Give us money
  3. We watched you all through our childhood
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I offered everything I had, as an actor we hear these things all the time, but one of them dragged me by my agbada and demanded payment for something I couldn’t afford. If you’re an actor or performer, please stop pestering them. Do you get paid for performing your work? No, it’s also our job. When I asked him to leave, he responded, “Do your worse.” When we offer anything, accept it.

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