Sirbalo Biography And Net Worth, Age, Comedy, State, Real Name, Wikipedia, Family, WIfe

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Lets talk about the Full Biography And Net Worth of Timothy Obotuke, also known as Sirbalo Comedy. The Comedian came into the limelight by producing and publishing humorous video skits on his YouTube channel, Facebook pages, and Instagram profiles. Timothy Obotuke had over 460k Instagram followers as of October 2020.

Sirbalo Biography And Net Worth

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Today we will be looking at the Biographical Profile and Background of Sirbalo Comedy, Take some Glass of water and take a sit while you enjoy reading this good written article.

Sirbalo Biography And Net Worth, Age, Comedy, State, Real Name, Wikipedia, Family, WIfe

Sirbalo Wikipedia Profile

Real Name: Timothy Obotuke
Date Of Birth: 27 March ????
Age: 30’s
State Of Origin: Delta State, Nigeria
Nationality: Nigerian
Girlfriend – Wife: Unknown
Occupation: Comedian
Net Worth: $400
Education: Lagos State University
Place Of Birth: Warri, Delta State

Sirbalo Biography

Sirbalo, a stage name for Timothy Obotuke, a Nigerian online comedian and social media personality, was born on March 27. On Instagram, he is well recognized for his amusing short films. In the world of internet humor, he has carved out a place for himself and demonstrated what it takes to succeed when talent alone may not be enough.

Who Is Sirbalo

Sirbalo, whose full name is Timothy Obotuke, is a comedian, actor, social media influencer, and maker of online video who was born in Nigeria. He became popular by creating and publishing humorous video skits on his Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube channels, Aka Sirbalo gained notoriety.

Timothy Obotuke had over 460k Instagram followers as of October 2020. Sirbalo real name is Obotuke Timothy. Sirbalo Timothy Obotuke’s YouTube channel name is Sirbalo Clinic. Obotuke Timothy Sirbalo bought a new car in September in 2020.

Sirbalo Age – Date Of Birth

How Old Is Sirbalo? Sirbalo Timothy Obotuke was born on 27 March. We are really sorry for not providing his birth Year. But we promise to update you guys when ever we have his full Biography ready.

Sirbalo State Of Origin

Where is Sirbalo From? Sirbalo is from which State? Obotuke Timothy state of origin is Delta State. Sirbalo Obotuke Timothy hails from Warri, Delta State, Nigeria.

Sirbalo Parents – Family

The Obotuke family originates in Delta State. Their specifics aren’t known, though. We are aware that he has pictures of the house he constructed for them on his Instagram feed.

Sirbalo shared a video of his grandma celebrating her 80th birthday in November of last year as well. In the video, he gave her a car as a surprise birthday present.

Since Sirbalo is a charming young man, a lot of people have been wondering who his girlfriend is. Yes, some of his supporters have gone so far as to inquire directly if Sirbalo and Ify are dating.

So, Sirbalo and Ify are not a couple. Ify, real name Adibeli Ifeoma Faith, is a content producer who has appeared as Sirbalo’s girlfriend in his comedic skits. On his YouTube account, he has a series called Sirbalo and bae. His relationship with his “comedy” lover is detailed in it.

Sirbalo Biography And Net Worth, Age, Comedy, State, Real Name, Wikipedia, Family, WIfe

Who Are Sirbalo Parents? Obotuke Timothy Sirbalo was born in Warri. Obotuke Timothy wrote about a humorous occurrence that occurred when his mother visited him in Lagos:

“HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY TO THE WORLD BEST MOM. I know you can see this post mommy. I remember when I took this picture. You came to visit us in Lagos 2017. And you promise to stay for 1 month. After 2 weeks of staying in Lagos.”

“My mom got tired and cry out that she is going back to warri. That the HOLD UP and STRESS in Lagos is too much. So we seize her bag and insist she stay. The next morning my mom called me and said she already in GOD IS GOOD park. Is either I bring her bag now. Or I send her bag to her in warri. I love you IYAMI. My back bone. I owe you one Benz. Don’t worry I will pay you soon.”

Sirbalo Wife – Girlfriend

Is Sirbalo Married? Who Is Sirbalo wife? Eva Chris is Obotuke Timothy’s girlfriend in the majority of his skits. Other women serve as Obotuke Timothy’s “screen girlfriends” as well. not yet married. Since Sirbalo Timothy Obotuke is not yet wed, neither his fiancée nor his wife are publicly displayed online.

Sirbalo Education – Qualification

Where Did Sirbalo Attended His University? Which University Did Sirbalo Attended? Sirbalo Timothy Obotuke studied at Lagos State University (LASU). We currently don’t know what he studied in his school days.

The First School Living Certificate (FSLC) and the West Africa Senior Secondary School Examination Certificate are the results of Sirbalo’s completion of his primary and secondary schooling.

He received his tertiary education at the esteemed Lagos State University (LASU). Despite being a degree, Sirbalo decided against pursuing a career in academia and instead decided to start a career in the internet entertainment sector.

Sirbalo Biography And Net Worth, Age, Comedy, State, Real Name, Wikipedia, Family, WIfe

Sirbalo Career

Like the majority of comedians, Sirbalo experimented with a number of hustles before turning to comedy. He once worked as a street vendor selling Gala sausage buns.

In 2018, he joined other skit makers to start producing amusing content and sharing it online, which was the beginning of his career into comedy. His online presence quickly began to draw viewers to his brand of comedy.

Sirbalo humor produces more material on women with large bums. Additionally, some people enjoy it. The comedian has had the opportunity to collaborate with a number of Instagram comedians, including Small Daddy, Officer Woo, and Yawa skits. Additionally, he went ahead and included Moyin Dada, a young actress, in his sketch.

He was born on March 27 in the Nigerian Delta State city of Warri. He is a well-known actor, comedian, youtuber, Instagram user, and content creator from Nigeria. He has worked in the comedy business in 2017.

Sirballo has already made a niche for himself in the entertainment industry after only a few years of diligent labor. He has a large number of comedic videos on his Instagram profile and is also an Instagram celebrity.

On all social media platforms, well-known influencers and even famous people have shared his films. Additionally, he creates videos on YouTube and runs the Sirbalo Clinic YouTube account.

He has collaborated with a variety of people, including Little Daddy, Officer Woos, Moyin, and others. He was quite well-liked throughout his life.

Sirbalo Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Sirbalo Clinic is $400k USD. YouTube and other sources are important sources of income for Obotuke Timothy Sirbalo. with more than 320,000 YouTube subscribers.

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