Princess Chichi Ojei Vows to Win The Presidential General Election That Is Coming Up on 25th February, 2023

I will win the election despite competition from Tinubu, Atiku, Obi, and others. — Female presidential candidate, Princess Chichi Ojei.

She is APM (Allied Peoples Movement) presidential candidate for the 25th February, 2023 presidential election that is coming in Nigeria.

Chichi Ojei

She Said; “Because of the rising demography of Nigerian women and youths, I have a stronger chance of obtaining people’s mandates than other candidates.

Chichi Ojei, the Allied People’s Movement (APM) presidential candidate, has voiced confidence in winning next month’s presidential election.

Ms Ojei stated this in a New Year’s statement titled “2023: A magnificent future awaits Nigerians” on Friday in Abuja. The presidential election on February 25 will feature 18 contenders.

Ms Ojei claimed that because she was the only female contender in the contest, she had a stronger chance of winning. “With the rising demographics of Nigerian women and youths, I stand better chance of obtaining the people’s mandates against other contenders.

“As we approach one of the most historic general elections in Nigerian history, it is no secret that the demographics of Nigerian women and youths have shifted dramatically.

“I am asking to all Nigerians who are eligible voters, to obtain their Permanent Voters Cards, especially women and youths, to vote the Allied People’s Movement.

“I am the only female and one of the youngest presidential candidates in Nigeria’s general elections in 2023, and a vote for me is a vote for our future.”

Ms Ojei believes that the next general elections provide another opportunity for Nigerians to struggle for the country’s true independence.

She stated that if Nigerians voted correctly and sensibly, they would be able to practice their constitutional rights, including freedom of speech, association, travel, equity, and justice.

“We want a Nigeria that upholds the rule of law; we cannot live as slaves in our own land.” We cannot be perceived as prey or victims of our country’s conditions; anguish, tears, and grief must not be the norm or order of the day.



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