Obi Cubana Biography And Net Worth, Age, State, Wife, Family, Career, Children

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Lets talk about the full Biography an Net Worth of Obinna “Obi” Iyiegbu, better known by his stage name Obi Cubana, the business mogul in Anambra State, Nigeria was born on April 12, 1975. He is the chairman of the Cubana Group, Nigeria.

Obi Cubana Biography And Net Worth

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Obi Cubana Biography And Net Worth, Age, State, Wife, Family, Career

School Wikipedia Profile

Real Name: Obinna “Obi” Iyiegbu
Date Of Birth: 12 April, 1975
Age: 48 years old @ 2022
State Of Origin: Anambra State, Nigeria
Nationality: Nigerian
Wife: Ebele Iyiegbu (M. 2008 – Age. 43)
Occupation: Businessman – Entertainer
Net Worth: $100 Million dollars
Place Of Birth: Idemili South, Anambra
Children: 4 Sons

Obi Cubana Biography

Iyiegbu’s mother is Ezinne Iyiegbu, and he was born on April 12th, 1975 in Anambra. He hails from Oba in the Anambra State’s Idemili South Local Government Area. Over the past several days, Obi Cubana has become more popular both online and offline on the nation’s top social media platforms.

Who Is Obi Cubana

Nigerian businessman Obinna “Obi” Iyiegbu, better known by his stage name Obi Cubana, was born on April 12, 1975. He is the chairman of the Cubana Group. This is due to the lavish spending that was seen during his mother’s funeral on July 16, 2021, in Oba, Anambra state.

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Many Nigerians, with the exception of those familiar with entertainment and partying, may not have known who he is before his mother’s funeral.

In fact, some Nigerians have been questioning the origin of his wealth after witnessing the extravagant display of cash during his mother’s funeral, which included Cubana as well as his friends and acquaintances.

Obi Cubana Educational Background – Qualification

Prior to entering Dennis Memorial Grammar School for his secondary education, he completed his early education at Central Primary School. He attended the University of Nigeria Nsukka after completing his secondary education, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science in 2006.

Obi Cubana Age – Date Of Birth

How old is Obi Cubana? What Is Obi Cubana Real Age? Obi Cubana was born on April 12, 1975, and as of 2021, he is 46 years old. Every year on April 12, Obinna Iyiegbu, better known by his stage as Obi Cubana, celebrates his birthday. On April 12, 2021, billionaire Obi Cubana turned 46 years old.

Obi Cubana State Of Origin

Where Is Obi Cubana From? Which State Is Obi Cubana From? Obi Cubana hails from the well-known neighborhood of Ova in the Anambra State’s Demili-South Local Government Area in the southeast of Nigeria, Africa.

Obi Cubana Family – Parents – Siblings

Who Are Obi Cubana Parents? Mr. and Mrs. Iyiegbu’s family in Oba is where Obi Cubana was born. The fourth child and last son of his parents is named Obi Cubana. Obi Cubana has two older brothers named Chu and Ike Iyiegbu, making a total of four siblings. Adaeze Moore is his older sister, and Binky is his younger sister.

Obi Cubana Family Parents Siblings

Obi Cubana Wife – Children

Who Is Obi Cubana Wife? Obi Cubana Has How Many Children? In 2008, Obi Cubana wed his lovely wife Ebele Iyiegbu, a lawyer by profession. Their union was blessed with four magnificent sons. Lush Eby refers to herself as a boy’s mother.

Obi Cubana Wife
Obi Cubana With His Wife

Obi Cubana is wed to Ebele Iyiegbu, the founder and owner of the KIEK foundation, a non-governmental organization created with the goal of bettering the lives of the less fortunate children in our society through high standards in child welfare, education, health care, nutrition, and governmental oversight of children’s rights.

Obi Cubana Wife - Children
Obi Cubana Wife And Children


Obi Cubana Cars

Obi Cubana Has How Many Cars? Two Lexus LX (from ₦36.6 million), Below are the expensive cars we know, including others; This is the car that Obi and his wife use to travel with their children. It has the following features and is a roomy, comfortable SUV.

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The LX rules with style and grace thanks to its commanding position and eye-catching LED illumination. The power behind the distinction is provided by a 5.7-litre V8 with 403 lb-ft of torque 3.

Obi Cubana Car

The LX features the following technical features to provide a bird’s-eye view of the vehicle’s surrounds for increased protection and peace of mind: 7,000 pounds of towing capability, 12 city/16 highway miles per gallon, 200 inches long, 78 wide, and 75 height, and 383 horsepower.

Mercedes-Benz 4matic S40 (From ₦38 Million); This is Obi Cubana’s own car, which he frequently drives and says he likes since it’s so straightforward. The S450 4Matic is identical to the ordinary S450 but comes standard with all-wheel drive rather than Magic Body Control. As a result, it can accelerate much more swiftly, but at the expense of reduced fuel efficiency and overall comfort.

Obi Cubana Cars

Range Rover (From ₦26 Million); The Range Rover has frequently been spotted being driven by obi Cubana’s wife, who uses it to get to work and other significant areas.

It possesses the aforementioned characteristics and offers a superbly sophisticated experience in addition to great Range Rover Sports performance on and off the track. The Range Rover Sport PHEV can reach a top speed of 137 mph after accelerating from 0 to 60 mph in just 6.3 seconds.

Rolls-Royce Phantom (From ₦176 Million); When the Phantom is given sensitive throttle and turning inputs, it is especially well adapted to wafting. To say the journey is smooth would be an understatement; picture riding on a soft cloud.

Obi Cubana Car

Thanks to a pothole-spotting camera that helps the suspension adjust in real-time to road imperfections, the Phantom practically floats over the lane. A bookstore-like sensory-deprivation cocoon, it makes you feel like a member of the Royal Family. Massive power is provided by a smooth 563-hp twin-turbo V-12 mated to an eight-speed automatic and rear-wheel drive.

Obi Cubana Houses

The new Obi Cubana house is sick. Obinna Iyiegbu recently conducted a tour of his freshly constructed residence for his close friends, during which he revealed the interior. The home features a private cinema, an underground wine cellar, a private pool, and a number of other amenities.

Oil tycoon Joseph Ezeokafor, also known as Jowizazaa, visited the estate with several pals, and one of them posted a video of the inside decor of the building on social media.

Obi Cubana House

Obi Cubana Awards

Obi Cubana has received numerous accolades and prizes from all throughout the nation, and it is extending its influence both inside and outside of Nigeria. Among the honors Obi Cubana has received are:

  • Democracy Heroes Award 2018 as Democracy Entrepreneur of the year.
  • The RightVille School special leadership Award, May 2017
  • Ghana-Nigeria Achievers Award 2017 as Inspiring Personality Award, 2017
  • Northern Nigeria Peace Summit/Award 2017 as Northern Nigeria Peace Builder of the year 2017
  • Nigeria Film corporation Entertainment as Icon Award 2017
  • Young Entrepreneur of the year 2016
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Obi Cubana Career

Iyiegbu’s entrepreneurial career began in 2006 when he established the Ibiza Club in Abuja. He opened the Cubana hospitality club in Owerri, Imo State, in 2009.

The Night Life leader began his career in 2006 after establishing the Ibiza Club in Abuja to amuse revelers. After having great success with Ibiza club, he went on to found Cubana, a social club that was created in 2009 to provide all-around entertainment and fun.

Cubana Club was first established in Owerri, Imo State, but Obi has since expanded its influence to include places like Lagos, Abia, and Enugu.

While Paschal Okechukwu, popularly known as the Cubana Chief Priest, is the General Manager of Cubana, Owerri, among other companies, he is also one of Obi’s close associates and the chairman of the Cubana Group. Obi recently disclosed his ambitions to launch Cubana Dubai and Cubana Real Estate in a statement.

Obi Cubana Establishment Locations

  • Pablo Cubana in Lagos
  • Crave Cubana in Abuja
  • Grand Cubana Hotels in Abuja
  • Opium Cubana in Owerri
  • Cubana Night Clubs in Lagos
  • Gustavo Cubana in Enugu

Obi Cubana Net Worth 2022

One of Nigeria’s wealthiest and most prominent figures, artists, show promoters, and business people right now is Obi Cubana. When it comes to wealth, Obi Cubana is quite affluent. His net worth is said to be $100 million US dollars, per official records.

Millions of money are invested in Obi Iyiegbu’s estate, which also includes his numerous vehicles and enterprises. Thanks to his success with the Cubana Group, a well-run professional entertainment organization, he is a man who can afford whatever luxury he chooses.

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