Malcolm Omirhobo Religion: Is He A Christian or A Muslim, Tribe

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We will be talking about the religious background of Malcolm Omirhobo as he appeared in his lawyer robe complemented with other traditional apparel, to Supreme Court premises in Abuja. we will know if he is a Christian, Muslim or a Traditionalist.

Malcolm Omirhobo Religion

Malcolm Omirhobo Religion

The said Human rights lawyer and activist “Malcolm Omirhobo” is a Traditionalist from Lagos state, Nigeria. Chief Malcolm actually believes in Tradition, he doesn’t go to Church or Mosque to Worship.

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The human rights attorney, who identified himself as a traditionalist, claimed that the Supreme Court judgment supporting Muslim children wearing their hijab in Lagos schools served as the foundation for his decision.

“I adhere to tradition. Until the Supreme Court’s decision on Friday, when people were finally allowed to attend school and public schools while wearing their religious gear for worship, I had been absent.

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“So, in the circumstances, I just interpreted everything and said that they have done the right thing by protecting more of our rights under Section 38 of the Constitution, which grants Nigerians the freedom of thought, conscience, and religion from that decision that female students can wear hijab because it is the mode of their worship and any attempt to stop them from wearing it constitutes a violation of their fundamental right,” she continued. It’s good, I exclaimed.

Since it is beneficial for a man to be with God constantly, I said that I must likewise appear in my religious garb of worship. I will now operate in this manner.

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Omirhobo expressed gratitude to the Supreme Court for the decision and said he would encourage others to wear their religious attire to work.

“This is how my kids will attend school. I will support my family, my friends, the military, the police, the Navy, the professions of medicine and law, and I will encourage them to dress in accordance with their religious attire, the Delta native continued. “The Supreme Court has my sincere gratitude. This makes me very happy.

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