Kolaboy Biography And Net Worth, Age, Real Name, Record Label, State, Career

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Lets talk about the full Biography and Net Worth of Nwodo Chinonso, popularly known as Kolaboy, whom is a Nigerian Rapper from Enugu State, Nigeria. Born on the 2nd of May, 1990’s.

Kolaboy Biography And Net Worth

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Today we will be looking at the Biographical Profile and Background of Kolaboy, Take some Glass of water and take a sit while you enjoy reading this good written article.

Kolaboy Biography And Net Worth, Age, Real Name, Record Label, State, Career

Kolaboy Wikipedia Profile

Real Name: Nwodo Chinonso
Date Of Birth: 2nd of May, 1990’s
Age: 20’s
State Of Origin: Enugu State, Nigeria
Nationality: Nigerian
Girlfriend: Unknown
Occupation: Singer – Songwriter
Net Worth: $50k
Record Label: MAF Music
Education: St. Charles Lwanga College, Enugu – IMT, also in Enugu
Source: Info9jatv.com
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Kolaboy Biography

Nwodo Chinonso was born in Enugu State, Nigeria. Kolaboy is currently in his 20’s (Twenties) in Igbo Land. Kolaboy is undoubtedly one of the Igbo rappers in Nigeria who is now on the rise. He has immense promise, as seen by the fact that his first music video, “Onyx,” which served as the inspiration for the name KOLA BOY, received over 700,000 views.

Who Is Kolaboy

When the “Kola Boy” video was launched, it received a lot of views on their YouTube account, which has millions of subscribers. Unfortunately, there aren’t many internet publications about Kolaboy despite the fact that so many people want to learn more about him.

Kolaboy, who was given the name Nwodo Chinonso when he was born, is a Nigerian native who practices Christianity. He is a Igbo rapper, like Phyno and Zoro, and was born on May 2nd.

Kolaboy Biography And Net Worth, Age, Real Name, Record Label, State, Career

KolaBoy Education – Qualification

He began his schooling at St. Charles Lwanga College in Enugu before moving on to IMT, which is also located in Enugu. Kolaboy has humorous person on his social media accounts, his music video for “you didn’t caught me” made me hahahaha! got attention of listeners that made him popular also.

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Kolaboy Record Label

Who Signed Kolaboy? He recently made a new song with Kolaboy & Wonder titled, “Collect.” He is Currently a member of the MAF Music.

Kolaboy Age – Date Of Birth

How Old Is Kolaboy? The Nigerian Singer is was born on 2nd of May, we are sorry we couldn’t have his real Year of birth, but we are sure that he was born in the Nineties. We promise to update you guys as soon as we get his full Biography.

Kolaboy State Of Origin

Where is Kolaboy From? Which State Is Kolaboy From? The singer is from Enugu State, Nigeria. He was born in Igbo Family as he Rap fluently in Igbo.

Kolaboy Family – Parents

Who Are Kolaboy Parents – Family? We currently do not have the full Data of his Father, Mother and Siblings, But we promise to update this page as soon as we get them.

Kolaboy Girlfriend

Who Is Kolaboy Girlfriend? Who Is He Dating? Kolaboy is actually dating a very beautiful lady, of which we are yet to know her. We will update this page as soon as we get to his girlfriend.

Kolaboy Music Career

Onyx, the debut song by Kolaboy, was created by Korrect Sound and became a smash right away. We can claim that having Emmanuella from Mark-Angel Comedy feature in the video also contributed to its success, or perhaps the fact that it was uploaded to the well-known YouTube channel.

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He later released another song, “you didn’t caught me,” which was also successful, incorporating the beat from Olamide’s “Olamide Badoo instrumental,” “Motigbana.” He continued by including Harrysong from Alterplate in the remix.

He recently made available the Kolaboy & Wonder song “Collect.” Currently a member of the MAF Music, J. Kolaboy is flourishing.

Kolaboy Biography And Net Worth, Age, Real Name, Record Label, State, Career

Kolaboy Net Worth

Kolaboy is doing great and has amassed a sizable number of YouTube views thanks to his local rhythm and spiciness. We would include them as soon as we could, but we haven’t been able to determine his net worth.

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