BBNaija Phyna: I Had Two Abortions at Age 19, 24 (Read Her Story)

Big Brother Naija season 7 winner Phyna revealed more about her two abortions. As Punch interviewed her recently. In the interview, she was asked about her tweet in response to a Twitter user branding her a “abortionist” by confessing to two abortions.

I Had Two Abortions at Age 19, 24

I Had Two Abortions at Age 19, 24

Phyna said: “My family is open. I don’t care what people say. Because I’m open, I laughed at their responses.

“When she remarked, “I can’t respond to you, you are an abortionist,” I replied that I had abortions. I’m not ashamed of how people see me. I admit my faults. I told my dad, “Daddy, I learned it from you oo,” when he inquired why I said that.”

Further: “I used abortion pills because 98% of 100% Nigerian women have aborted. Don’t judge me.

“I was young and start relationship at 12-year old relationship. I had my first abortion at 19. I couldn’t tell my parents I was pregnant. I could utilize tablets because the pregnancies were two to three weeks old.

“I stopped serving at 24. But it was toxic. He beat me constantly. I ended the relationship by taking it out.”

She said: “Why? I can afford 10 kids now, so why? I wouldn’t have aborted my first pregnancy if my parents were rich. I knew I was from a poor family, so we just ate once a day, usually in the afternoon, and carried it over to the next day. I couldn’t keep the baby.

“It’s a sin, and I’ve prayed and confessed. Catholics know God forgives. God’s word matters. I’m indifferent. I regret aborting, but the circumstances were beyond my control.

I don’t understand why people have children before they’re ready. So, refrain from sex, use protection, or be ready to chest the baby or take it out, especially if the circumstance is beyond you. Everyone has a reason for their activities, yet some are not afraid of abortions, which is bad.”


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