Dr Lucky Udu Biography And Net Worth, Age, State, Wife, Career, Education

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Lets talk about the full Biography and Net Worth of Lucky David Udu, also known as Dr. Lucky Udu. He is a Motivational Speaker, an Entrepreneur and a Filmmaker from Agbor/Delta State, Nigeria. Lucky created a video that has up to 50 Million Views over 48 countries and changed a whole lot of lives.

Dr Lucky Udu Biography And Net Worth

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Dr Lucky Udu Biography And Net Worth, Age, State, Wife, Career, Education

Lucky Udu Wikipedia Profile

Real Name: Lucky David Udu
Date Of Birth: 02 June, 1997
Age: 25 years old @ 2022
State Of Origin: Delta State, Nigeria
Nationality: Nigerian
Wife – Girlfriend: Unknown
Occupation: Entrepreneur – Filmmaker – Activist
Net Worth: Est. $500k
Place Of Birth: Agbor/Delta State, Nigeria
Education: Elizade University – World Class Private University
Source: Info9jatv.com

Dr. Lucky Udu Biography

Lucky Udu is a native of Owanta in the Delta State municipality of Ika North East. He received his degree in English from Elizade University. He is the Nigerian Youth Congress’ Director of Youth Sensitization and Rehabilitation Affairs.

Every story has a beginning, his Real Name is Lucky David Udu. However, life hasn’t always been this great for him. A few years ago he went from living with a family to being an homeless orphan child, poor and alone at the age of 14.

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Who is Dr. Lucky Udu

Lucky David Udu is a Motivational Speaker, an Entrepreneur and a Filmmaker from Agbor in Delta State, Nigeria. With over 50 million views on the internet, the videos he create has reached over 48 countries and changed a whole lot of lives.

Lucky Udu, who was born on June 2nd, 1997, is the CEO of Lucky Udu Studio, the president of Lucky Udu Foundation, and the creator of the “I am not a scammer campaign,” which aims to change the status quo of cyber crime among young people in Africa and its negative effects on nation-building and national repute.

Dr. Lucky Udu, who was given an honorary doctorate by the Institute of Cooperate and Public Administrators of Nigeria (ICPAN), is passionate about community service and national development. Through his platform of more than 260,000 Facebook followers, he has helped millions of people in Africa become aware of some of the major vices that make up a backward society.

Lucky Udu is committed to examining the social flaws in society and spreading the great ideas of industry, morality, and selflessness to the less fortunate members of society.

Inspired by the passing of his parents, he uses his skills as a filmmaker and activist to produce compelling and noteworthy content for social media that moves and motivates people all over the world. He has thus far won the praise of eminent men and women in society on a regular basis.

Lucky Udu doesn’t like to draw attention to the fact that he is a philanthropist, but during the Covid 19 lockdown, he fed more than 45 families in his community. In 2017, while attending Elizade University.

Lucky Udu led a movement in which more than 45 hungry students received 22,500 naira each and more than 200 students were asked not to pay for laboratory gowns and matriculation gowns. This was the first time in the university’s history that such has happened.

Lucky Udu State Of Origin

Where is Lucky Udu From? Which State Is Lucky Udu From? Dr Lucky David Udu is from Delta State, Nigeria. Owanta of Ika North East, Delta State.

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Lucky Udu Wife – Children

Is Lucky Udu Married? Who Is Lucky Udu Wife? Lucky Udu hasn’t said anything about his private life yet, but we promise to update you guys when ever we get full details on his biography.

Lucky Udu Family – Parents

Who Ara Lucky Udu Parents? Is Lucky Udu Parents Still Alive? Lucky Udu Lost his parent at the age of 5 and became homeless at the age of 14. We actually don’t know who his parents are.

Lucky Udu Education – Qualification

Which University Did Lucky Udu Attened? The activist attended, Elizade University and attened World Class Private University on Scholarship.

Dr Lucky Udu Biography And Net Worth, Age, State, Wife, Career, Education

Dr. Lucky Udu Age – Date Of Birth

How Old Is Lucky Udu? Born on the 2nd of June, 1997. Lucky is currently at the age of 25 years old. He has set out to change the world by creating videos that will inspire and provoke global audience to restore morality and good conduct in society.

Dr. Lucky Udu Publications

Lucky Udu has a compilation and publication of a book titled “Fountain of Wisdom”. with compilation of some little errors made in English which bring about the book he titled “My Little Big Errors in English Language.”

Lucky Udu had to sell his valuable gadgets he owned to raise fund for the production of his books. After his struggles to publish his books, he gained admission through a scholarship to study in World Class Private University. After he have gained Audience, he was inspired to make video on one of his published book titled “My Little Big Errors in English Language.”

Dr Lucky Udu Biography And Net Worth, Age, State, Wife, Career, Education

Lucky Udu Inspiration

“Haven seen and endured hardship under the surface of the sun and this in turn, has shaped me into becoming a motivational speaker and inspired me to speak on certain topics.”

Nigerian Youth Congress(nyc) Appoints Dr. Lucky Udu as Director of Youth Sensitization and Rehabilitation Affairs:

Dr. Lucky Udu Wrote; Hello, Mom Dear Dad: The Federal Republic of Nigeria’s Office of the Special Assistant to the President on Youth and Students Affairs has recently appointed your son Director of Youth Sensitization and Rehabilitation Affairs.

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I’m grateful that God Almighty thought of me for this job. I’d like to congratulate myself and extend my gratitude to Mr. Blessing Akinlosotu, President of NYC, for allowing me the honor of serving Nigeria.

I recently received my letter of appointment, and I would want to state that I view this as an additional advantage to continue performing my work confidently in improving the lives of those in my community and expanding it beyond my town to include all of Nigeria.

My job is to motivate and organize young people in Nigeria to reach international standards in terms of realizing their full potentials, desires, and aspirations while also being accountable to their families, communities, and the entire country.

Through this role, I also hope to fully realize the rights of all Nigerian youngsters to social, political, and economic advancement as well as to uphold others’ rights while actively participating in all decision-making processes and equally supporting governmental efforts to build the country.

I’d like to request the support of the Delta State government, my governor, His Excellency Governor Ifeanyi A. Okowa, and other national officials in Nigeria.

I swear to serve in the interest of empowering young people to take action through community and national service, towards developing long-lasting solutions to regional and global problems, connecting with international communities to broaden professional networks, discuss ideas with decision-makers, foster lifelong friendships across borders, and acquiring the necessary skills to become local, national, and international leaders.

After being appointed, I urge all young people and officially recognized organizations to collaborate with me in our efforts to bring Nigeria’s youth up to international standards.

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