Davido Has Revealed The Reason Behind His Hug With Wizkid

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Revising the moment 8 weeks ago, when WizKid and Davido where captured in a video, as they Hug each other passionately like Boyfriend and Girlfriend whom haven’t seen each other for a long period of time.

Davido Has Revealed The Reason Behind His Hug With Wizkid

The video turned social media very active, as fans and a lot of people talked about the video.

Fans experienced the moment as a moment that can never be forgetting in round of years, as they all believe that the two Nigerian music superstar had a beef between them, and of which Davido said, nothing is in between them.

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Social media and blogs in Nigerian have been in talks about Wizkid and Davido for years, of which they have been saying that, Davido and Wizkid had a beef between them, that no one knows what’s all about the beef.

In an interview, Davido was asked about the hug between him and Wizkid, Davido said;

Him and WizKid are all Good, there is nothing that’s going on between the two of them, is just that him and WizKid haven’t seen each other for the past 4 years physically, so that make them happy to see each other, and they hugged there self.

He added; “He don’t have any problem with WizKid is just fans that are causing confusion between them self, as everyone has his own favourite artist which he listens to his musics”.

Below is the video of wizkid and Davido hugging themselves:-

Below is the interview short:-

Meanwhile as heard by Davido, Him and Wizkid don’t have any beef, he said they are all doing Good with each other, is just that everyone of them is keeping busy with his career, that leads them not to be seeing each other for some times.

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