David Hundeyin Biography And Net Worth, Wife, State, Age, Parents, Career

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Lets talk about the full biography and Net Worth of David Hundeyin. Take some Glass of water and take a sit while you enjoy reading this good written article.

David Hundeyin Biography And Net Worth, Wife, State, Age, Parents, Career

David Hundeyin Wikipedia Profile

Real Name: David Hundeyin
Date Of Birth: 6th May 1990
Age: 31 years old @ 2022
State Of Origin: Akwa State, Nigeria
Nationality: Nigerian
Wife: Unknown
Occupation: Journalist, Radio Host, Blogger, Columnist
Net Worth: Under review
Marital Status Married
Worked For: CNN, BusinessDay, The Washington Post

David Hundeyin Biography

David Hundeyin was born on sixth May 1990 in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. As of 2021, his age is 30 Years old. He maintains a high level of privacy, thus we have not updated his parents’ information yet.

He attended the Grange School for his formal schooling, and he graduated in 2007. He was also a radio host for the American company.

Real Age – Date Of Birth

How Old Is David Hundeyin? David age is now 30 years previous as of 2021. On May 6, 1990, He was born in Nigeria’s Akwa Ibom State. His age is thirty years old as of 2021.

David Hundeyin Biography And Net Worth, Wife, State, Age, Parents, Career

David Hundeyin – Isa Pantami

David Hundeyin had vowed to inform Isa Pantami of his involvement in terrorism. Pantami was urged by him to step down as minister. Posted on Twitter by the article writer on April 14, 2021

Later today, I’ll upload a complete and unedited audio recording of a sermon @DrIsaPantami gave in Bauchi in 2006 in which he publicly supported the Afghan Taliban and Al Quaida and their efforts to assassinate “unbelievers” and impose Sharia law.

“This is a narrative of @DrIsaPantami, one of West Africa’s most deadly men. Nigeria’s Minister of Communications may appear to have a sophisticated sense of cosmopolitanism, but he is actually a violent, unrepentant Salafist extremist.


As we noticed within the earlier part of David Hundeyin Biography, we get to know that his mom comes from the Ibibio tribe.

She is particularly from Ikot – Ekpene in Akwa Ibom state which is within the Niger Delta area of Nigeria. This lady has made a number of contributions to the lifetime of David Hundeyin.

Her contributions to his life are one of many the explanation why he’s the place he’s immediately for everyone to see and need to know extra about him.

Wife – Children

Is David Hundeyin Married? David wed his wife when he was 25 years old. He claims to have met her through the National Youth Service Corps.

They divorced three years after getting married. There was a lot of discussion about this divorce on several social media sites.

He disclosed to the world that he was emotionally hurt throughout the marriage as part of his argument of the divorce.

Mother – Father

Who are his Parents?his mother is from the Ibibio tribe, as we can see from the previous section of his biography.

She is specifically from Ikot-Ekpene in the Nigerian Niger Delta state of Akwa Ibom. David Hundeyin has benefited greatly from the generosity of this woman.

One of the reasons he is where he is now for everyone to see and want to know more about him is because of her contributions to his life.

Education Background

He attended Grange School for his formal education. He enrolled at the famous Atlantic Hall for his secondary studies after finishing his primary education.

In 2011, he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in creative writing, culture, and society from the University of Hull, where he had afterwards enrolled. He was also a radio host for the American company.

Career and Journalism

In 2012, the writer began working with KPMG UK as a project assistant. He started working at Direct Group Limited in 2013 as a Sales and Service Adviser. In 2014, he then rose to the position of account executive.

David Hundeyin is a journalist and columnist from Nigeria. He has collaborated with and written for numerous national and international media outlets. His writings have featured on CNN, Business Day, The African Report, The New Yorker Magazine, and Netflix.

From 2017 until 2018, David Hundeyin worked as a television writer for Channels Television’s Other News. In 2018, he began serving as the Head of Content for BHM Group Nigeria and as a freelance reporter for Beln Crypto.

He joined Business Day and News Wire NGR as a contributing writer and columnist, respectively, in 2019. David Hundeyin has been a columnist for Vanguard publications since February 2020 and the West African Correspondent for The African Report since December 2019.

Between August 2019 until March 2020, following Invictus Obi’s arrest by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, he worked as a commentator for CNN (FBI).

Between 2018 and 2019, David Hundeyin served as the host of the African Business Radio and a contributor to CCN markets. His company, Nova Animation and Copyrighting Studio, is his creation.

David Hundeyin Biography And Net Worth, Wife, State, Age, Parents, Career

Awards & Recognition 

David was put forth by the US State Department in 2018 for the International Visitors Leadership Program’s 2019 Edward Murrow program for journalists (IVLP). The People Journalist for Informed Community 2020 Award was given to him in 2021.

The Infectious Diseases Bill was discussed by Nigeria’s House of Representatives during the COVID-19 lockdown, and David Hundeyin’s article about it won him the award.

In Conclusion

Nigerian journalist, author, and broadcaster David Inyene-Obong Nugboyon Oluwaseun “Dario” Hundeyin works in these fields. He has had positions at The Africa Report, The Washington Post, BusinessDay, and CNN.

His work as a humorist on The Other News with Okey Bakassi was highlighted in a Netflix documentary and the New Yorker magazine.

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