Have you ever wondered about the real name, background, and net worth of the talented Nigerian musician, Asake? In this article, we will explore the life and journey of Ahmed Ololade, from his early life and parents to his flourishing career and religious beliefs, we will uncover the intriguing details about this rising star in the Nigerian music industry.

Early Life and Background

Ahmed Ololade, professionally known as Asake, was born on January 13, 1995, in Lagos State, Nigeria. From an early age, it was evident that he possessed a remarkable talent for music. He grew up in a city that pulsated with vibrant musical energy, which fueled his passion and shaped his artistic journey.

The Real Name of Asake

The real name of this gifted musician is Ahmed Ololade. While many may know him by his stage name, it’s important to recognize the person behind the catchy tunes and captivating performances.

Age and Place of Birth

As of 2022, He is 27 years old. His birth on January 13, 1995, marked the beginning of a remarkable musical career that would captivate audiences worldwide.

State of Origin and Tribe

He hails from Lagos State, Nigeria, a region known for its rich cultural heritage and vibrant music scene. He is of Yoruba ethnicity, which adds a unique flavor to his music and resonates with his roots.


The Nigerian singer was born into a Muslim family and raised with the same religious beliefs. His upbringing and faith have played a significant role in shaping his character and artistic expression.

Education and Qualifications

The Nigerian singer pursued his higher education at Obafemi Awolowo University in Ile-Ife, Osun State. He studied Theatre and Performing Arts, which provided him with a solid foundation to explore his creative talents.

Although specific details about his educational background are not widely available, Asake’s passion for music has been his guiding force throughout his journey.

Asake Religion, Christian, Muslim


Asake’s musical journey began at a young age, and he showcased his talent through various social media platforms. His path to fame took an unexpected turn when he started appearing in Broda Shaggi’s comedy videos, which introduced a wider audience to his vocal abilities.

Rise to Prominence

In December 2019, his career received a significant boost when he was featured on Broda Shaggi’s song titled “Star.” However, it was in January 2020 that he made a breakthrough with the release of his hit track, “Lady.” The song quickly gained popularity and captured the hearts of fans and celebrities alike.

Record Label and Music Manager

Asake is currently signed to YBNL Nation, a renowned record label owned by Olamide. This collaboration has provided him with a platform to showcase his talent and reach a wider audience. Together with his music manager, he continues to explore new opportunities for growth and success.

Awards and Accolades

Asake’s musical prowess has garnered him recognition in the industry. He won the City People Music Award for Best Collabo of the Year 2020 with his track “Mon Cheri” and the City People Music Award for Popular Song of the Year 2020 with “Mr. Money.”

Additionally, his song “Sungba” received a nomination for Street Music of the Year 2020 at the City People Music Awards.

Parents and Family

Asake’s parents held a naming ceremony shortly after his birth, officially giving him the name Ahmed Ololade. While details about his parents remain undisclosed, their support and encouragement undoubtedly played a crucial role in his journey to success.

The Asake Alias: Origin and Meaning

He started his artistic journey as a dancer, showcasing his skills and passion for cultural dances. Over time, he decided to incorporate singing into his performances to enhance his stage presence. As a result, he gained the nickname Asake, a moniker that has become synonymous with his vibrant musical persona.

Relationship Status

Asake’s romantic life remains private, and there is no public information available about his girlfriend or marital status. He focuses on his music and draws inspiration from the joy and experiences of life.

Residence, Hobbies, and Interests

Asake resides in a luxurious apartment complex in Lekki, Lagos. When he’s not busy performing or composing music, he finds relaxation in sports activities such as tennis, football, and snooker.

His love for music extends beyond his own creations, and he spends a significant part of his day listening to music from other talented artists.

Net Worth

Asake’s remarkable journey in the music industry has not only earned him fame but also a significant net worth. With estimates ranging between $500,000 and $700,000, he has established himself as one of the highest-earning artists in the industry.

Asake Religion

In Conclusion

Asake’s musical career has been nothing short of extraordinary. From his early beginnings to becoming a household name in the Nigerian music scene, he has captivated audiences with his unique voice and captivating performances.

His dedication, talent, and relentless pursuit of excellence have propelled him to great heights, and there’s no doubt that Asake will continue to make his mark in the industry for years to come.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Is Asake a Christian or a Muslim?

He was born into a Muslim family and raised with the same beliefs.

Where did Asake study?

He studied Theatre and Performing Arts at Obafemi Awolowo University in Ile-Ife, Osun State, Nigeria.

Does Asake have a girlfriend or wife?

His romantic life is not publicly known, and he is currently unattached.

Which record label is Asake signed to?

He is signed to YBNL Nation, owned by Olamide.

What is Asake’s estimated net worth?

His net worth is estimated to be between $500,000 and $700,000.

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