Ada Ameh Biography And Net Worth, Age, State, Husband, Family, Career

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Lets talk about the full biography of popular Nollywood actress “Ada Ameh” whom has passed away early today; Monday July 18, 2022. She is a known nollywood actress born in Ajegule, Lagos State on 15th 1974.

Ada Ameh Biography And Net Worth

Ada Ameh is a well-known television host, businesswoman, performer, and actress from Nigeria. Ada Ameh’s early life, early career, net worth, plus a few other facts you probably didn’t know about her will all be covered in this post’s biography. Let’s start by looking at her early years.

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Today we will be looking at the biographical profile and background of Ada Ameh. Take some water and have a seat while you enjoy reading this well-written article.

Ada Ameh Biography And Net Worth, Age, State, Husband, Family, Career

Ada Ameh Profile

Real Name: Ada Ameh
Date Of Birth: May 15, 1974
Age: 48 years old @ 2022
State Of Origin: Benue State, Nigeria
Nationality: Nigerian
Husband: Unknown
Occupation: Actress
Net Worth: $400k
Place of Birth: Ajegunle, Lagos State
Tribe: Idoma – Ibibio

Ada Ameh Biography

Ada Ameh, a well-known Nigerian actress, was born on May 15, 1974, in Ajegunle, Lagos, Nigeria, to Mr. and Mrs. Ameh. Ada is originally from Idoma, Benue State, a state in the North Central region of Nigeria, even though she was raised in Lagos.

There isn’t much information on Ada’s education, however it is believed that she left school at the young age of 14. The general public has no idea if she later pursued a degree.

Who Is Ada Ameh

Ada Ameh is a well-known actress from Nigeria. Today’s discussion will center on Ada Ameh, a cast member of The Johnsons. She is the star of the television show “The Johnsons,” and Nigerians adore her.

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She is well-known in Nigeria as an actress. She is currently well-known for her part in the hit TV show “The Johnsons.” She is bilingual and is fluent in Idoma, Ibibio, and Yoruba. She also uses a little Igbo.

Ada Ameh State Of Origin

Where is Ada Ameh From? She is Idoma by tribe from Benue state. She was  born On May 15, in Ajegunle, Lagos State, where she also spent her childhood. We will concentrate on Ada Ameh’s biography, age, career, net worth, and other details in this article.

Ada Ameh Age – Date Of Birth

How Old Is Ada Ameh? What Is Ada Ameh Age? Ada was born on May 15, 1974. As of 2022, Ada Ameh’s age is estimated to be 48. She was born in Ajegunle, Lagos, at the Naval Barracks on Malu (Mobil) road.

Ada Ameh Family – Parents

Her family comes from Idoma in the state of Benue. Ada, a tomboy and the sixth child, was born into a family of 11 children, including 6 younger sisters and 5 older brothers.

Her mother was a strict businesswoman, while her father was in the Navy. She was raised in this household. During her primary school years, she attended Army Children’s School 4, which is located in Ajegunle, Lagos. She made three secondary school transfers.

Education – Qualification

Initially, she attended the Idoma Community Secondary School in Otobi, Benue State, and then transferred to the Wesley High School in Otukpo, likewise in same state. At Adeolu Secondary School in Ajegunle, Lagos, Ada finally finished her secondary education.

When Ada Ameh became pregnant at age 14 and her mother passed away at the same time, her secondary schooling was postponed. She left secondary school, was driven from her house, but was eventually called back.

She turned to prostitution in order to care for her child, who was fathered by an unnamed member of the military. Later, she returned to take the GCE as an outside candidate. Ade Ameh afterwards went on to earn a cosmetology diploma.

Ada Ameh Husband – Children

Does Ada Ameh have a child? Yes, please, she is the mother of a 14-year-old child. Sadly, she passed away in 2020.  Now an adult, her daughter Aladi Godsgift. is single but plans to be married soon. She prefers to keep her romances a secret.

Ada Ameh Biography And Net Worth, Age, State, Husband, Family, Career

Ada Ameh Acting Career

In terms of her professional background, Ada is an actress who debuted in the Nigerian film industry, often known as Nollywood, in 1995. As it stands, she became well-known after appearing in the 1996 film that eventually became a hit.

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She appeared in the film “Domitilla” under the name Anita. She is also well-known for playing Emu Johnson in the well-liked Nigerian TV series The Johnsons.

It wasn’t simple for Ada Ameh to become a well-known Nollywood actress, comedian, producer, and television personality. In 1995, she signed up to work in Nigeria’s Nollywood. Ada’s debut appearance was in the 1996 film “Domitilla,” which Zeb Ejiro both produced and directed.

Ada Ameh appeared in the 2003 film “Aki na Ukwa” with Amaechi Muonagor, Chinedu Ikedieze, and Osita Iheme. She portrayed Gladys in the comedic films. Ada Ameh continued her remarkable career by appearing in the hit TV show “The Johnsons” in 2016.

Ada Ameh credits Zeb Ejiro with bringing out her talent and helping her achieve success in the film industry. She originally intended to become a doctor or a singer, but she ended herself in front of the camera in “Domitila” playing the role of “Anita.” She was a newbie back then, and Pat Okiri and Basorge taught her how to read scripts.

Ada Ameh, throughout her career, has been nominated for various awards which include; Best Actress in Comedy – City People Entertainment Awards, Most Promising Actress in Nigeria – Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards, Best Comic Act to Watch – Africa Movie Academy Awards.

Ada Ameh Death – Burial

The burial arrangements for the late Nollywood actress Ada Ameh are now available online, as her family and friends prepare to bury her. A novelty match in honor of Ada will be played on August 19 at Nathaniel Idowu Pitch in Oregie, Lagos, and a candlelight procession will be held at Teslim Balogun Stadium.

Another candlelight service will be held at the hometown of the late actress on August 19 at Saint Mary’s Primary School in Ogobia, Benue State. This would be followed on August 26 by a funeral service and burial at her father’s residence in Otupko Local Government, Benue State.

The members of Ada Ameh’s family frown at the opening of the funeral home. In an Instagram post, Abahi Ameh, the sister of the late actress, refuted rumors that Ada had no family members.

She also expressed displeasure that mourning houses were opened without the family’s permission and prior to the return of the deceased’s remains.

She wrote: “The family kept quiet about her death until her remains were returned home. During this time, we received a number of calls from individuals who set up condolences and opened mourning houses without the family’s permission. In addition, some individuals declared that she had no surviving immediate family members and signed death notifications on our behalf.

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See List Of Those Who Donated To Empress’s Fundraising For Late Actress’s Mom

Empress Njamah, a Nollywood actress, has released the names of those who contributed to the fundraising campaign for Ada Amah’s mother. According to Info9jatv, Empress, a close friend of Ameh, had earlier characterized the deceased’s mother as her ‘current priority’ on social media and asked money to assist her.

This occurs many weeks after Ada Ameh’s death in Warri, Delta State, on July 17, 2022, purportedly from a heart attack and mental illness. Her funeral is planned for August 26, 2022.

However, Empress revealed the names of 51 donors and the total amount they contributed, which totaled N278,000, a few days after the actress had urged people to support the late actress’s mother. However, the names of the deceased Ameh’s industry colleagues were glaringly absent.

Sharing the names, the actress said, “So far, names only. God bless everyone, Amen. So far, N278,000 has been donated; further contributions are requested. Thank you for your sincere LOVE, to everybody who contributed, from the divine God bless you everybody, and thank you so much for your support; I truly couldn’t do this without you.

“My team and I will be completely forthright until the very end for reasons best known to us. Please inform us if your name was misspelled so that we can correct it. “(For those who missed the donation post, we’ve reposted it) FOR THE LOVE OF ADA Ameh,” Njamah said in a follow-up message.

The omission of Ameh’s coworkers’ names from the list of donations prompted comments in the meantime. Some admirers who commented on Njamah’s post questioned why “all these celebrities who posted her images contributed nothing.”

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Ada Ameh Net Worth

How Rich Is Ada Ameh? How Much Is Ada Ameh Net Worth? Ada Ameh’s total net worth is thought to range between $350,000 and $600,000. Naturally, this is related to the fact that she is one of Nigeria’s most well-known and influential actors and entertainers.

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