5 Reasons Why Big Brother Naija (Bbnaija) Should Not Be Banned In Nigeria

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Big Brother Naija is currently one of Nigeria’s most popular television programs, based on current ratings. The show premiered on March 5th, 2006, and has already produced six seasons.

It’s no secret that Big Brother Naija has helped many ordinary Nigerians achieve the status of overnight celebrities.

5 Reasons Why Big Brother Naija Should Not Be Banned In Nigeria

Bbnaija 2022

Many people have become well-known and established their own brands as a result of the show’s arrival in the country.

I’d want to take a moment to clarify what Big Brother Naija is all about before we move on:

Big Brother Naija: What Is It All About, Anyway?

This reality show reveals the character traits of its participants. People’s reactions to their surroundings are captured in real-time when they are put into unusual situations.

Reality television got its start in the United States in 1948 with Alan Funt’s Candid Camera series. Many copies of this show have been made all around the world.

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The TV show Big Brother Naija is a reality competition in which players reside in the same home as “Biggie,” a ruthless dictator. The show concludes with the announcement of a winner. The first season aired from March 5th, 2006, through June 4th, 2006. It was eleven years after the first season that Efe Ejeba won the grand prize. Since then, there has been no stopping it. There are currently six seasons in progress.

Big Brother Naija’s most vocal detractor

Nude poses used by roommates to create obscene settings is an important criticism of the service, thus it’s worth mentioning.

In addition, there have been reports of vote-rigging and fraud allegations. However, there is no evidence to support these allegations.

Reasons Why Big Brother Naija Should Not Be Banned In Nigeria

Big Brother Naija makes a big contribution to the Nigerian entertainment sector. To begin with, it has resulted in significant expansion for the sector. The five reasons that I would mention in this article are as follow:

  1. Team Work: Big Brother Naija has helped a lot of youths in the country learn about the importance of teamwork in any organization. If you are conversant with the show you would know there are different tasks that are being performed on the show in groups. You can get the latest Big Brother Naija Updates on reputable websites across Google.
  2. Employment Opportunities: We all know that Big Brother Naija would definitely have a lot of people that they have employed in their organization. If the show stops anytime soon definitely they would all be unemployed. So therefore Big Brother Naija in another way round is creating employment opportunities for the citizens of the country.
  3. Increase In Number of Celebrities & Content Creators:  Since the inception of Big Brother Naija, there has being a lot of celebrities and content creators from the show. Most housemates use the platform to gain more audience which would foster their career and other branding pieces of stuff they need. Get the Latest Celebrities Biographies.
  4. Means of Revenue to Bloggers and Youtubers: Anytime Big Brother Naija is going on in Nigeria, a lot of people would want to stick to the channel of their favorite YouTubers and Bloggers which would result in more revenue.
  5. As a result, the entertainment business has been flooded with new talent and jobs have been created as a result. To round things out, the Nigerian entertainment business has reaped the benefits of multi-camera production techniques, which have allowed for in-house scenes to be captured. Housemates are also given the opportunity to vibe and listen to the latest Nigerian music while in the house.
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